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10 Affordable Home Appliances You Must Have In Your Dream House

Written by Team Urban Tree

You just bought a new home. It’s something satisfying. It’s something that you never thought you would ever do when you were young and starting out. There are things you could do without in your dream home and those that you can’t. There are several appliances in the market that you think you might need but they are way over your budget.

Let’s take a look at the 10 must-have home appliances that are a must have for your dream home.

Television It’s a true man’s best friend. Well…to be fair, it’s fun for the whole family. It’s the most common home appliance found everywhere around the world. A television helps stay connected with the world in the form of news and entertainment. Television has come a long way as they’ve become bigger, slimmer and digital. Some of the best brands are LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Videocon, Panasonic and Onida. These are all in the mid 15-20 k range and will last a few years. So, kick back and enjoy.

Refrigerator – This is the one of the other most common appliances you should have in any household. It keeps your food in cold storage so that it stays well preserved. Over the years, the prices of refrigerators have fallen sharply as the competition in the market has exploded. Stores are competing with online retailers to sell refrigerators at bargain prices. With t he Indian subcontinent, LG, Samsung, Godrej, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Videocon and Panasonic reign supreme amongst consumers. Take advantage of the great online deals that exist and add to your dream home in a big way.

Washing Machines – Most people have washing machines in their home. Whether they live in an apartment or an independent house, a washing machine is a useful gadget to have around, especially in the home of your dreams. Washing machines allow you the time you need to finish other things that are pending. Just shove your clothes, apply the soap in the dispenser and let it run as per your liking.

Home Appliances You Must Have In Your Dream House

Induction Stove – These stoves are more economical than regular stoves and have the ability to perform the same tasks at a much faster rate. They are not power guzzlers and won’t cause a dent on your electricity bill. Furthermore, your gas bill will certainly reduce over a period of time. The more you get used to the induction stove, the less likely you are to use your gas stove. Some of the best selling induction stoves are sold by Prestige, Pigeon, Philips, Bajaj and Sunflame.

Mixer Grinder – People don’t have time to grind their chutneys anymore. They need something that can do the job faster. Mixer grinders are extremely helpful but extremely delicate. Today, most of them come equipped with powerful motors, high-quality blades, stainless steel jars and much more. The options available are endless and it’s up to you to choose one that will fit your dream home. Some of the more popular brands are Philips, Bajaj, Prestige, Kenstar, Havells and Usha.

Microwave Ovens – Microwaves have slowly over the last 25 years captured the hearts of every home of every nation on Earth. It heats the food far quicker than a stove and run entirely on electricity. They can cook, bake, fry and roast most food in a matter of minutes. Therefore, most homes will save on oil and gas. Some of the brands that cater to the average home are LG, IFB, Godrej, Onida, Kenstar and Samsung.


Water Purifiers – In a country like India, water purifiers have become a necessary appliance. As pollution rises, so do the chances of your drinking water containing hazardous chemicals. It’s a sleeping menace and something people should be aware of. Water purifiers take care of that problem as they weed out the chemicals that are causing problems and provide pure water. Some of the popular purifiers are Eureka Forbes, Kent, Zero B, Electrolux and Tata Swach.

Vacuum Cleaners – Most homes are always in need of this appliance. Having one of these miraculous machines will instantly suck up all the dirt and dust from the carpets. These days, Vacuum Cleaners have the ability to suck up dirt from even granite and marble floors. It depends on what you want to achieve from purchasing such an item. Some of the best selling brands in India are LG, Eureka Forbes, Philips and Panasonic.

Air Conditioners – With India’s warmer climate affecting most parts of the country, it would be suicide not to have an air conditioner. An AC cools most rooms effectively and just makes your sleep that much more comfortable at night. Air Conditioner technology has advanced considerably over the years. They come in split, window and central. Central air conditioning isn’t practical for the household. Even Window ACs are slowly disappearing. People are gravitating towards Split Air Conditioners as they are easier to install, cool down larger rooms faster and more environmentally friendly. Some of the best ones are LG, Voltas, Samsung, Videocon, Blue Star and Hitachi.

Steam Iron – Steam irons are essential to any home. It irons at the much better rate and provide a burst of steam on the clothing. Most clothes tend to last longer when steam irons were used to perform ironing tasks. It removes the toughest of wrinkles in your clothing. The biggest brands in India are Philips, Bajaj, Usha, Koryo, Orpat, and Havells.

So here you have it! The 10 must have appliances if you are setting up a home. Happy homecoming!

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  • I totally agree with you, We must have these all home appliances in our house especially when it comes to the kitchen one must have mixer grinder to do work faster. I use Boss mixer grinder and we use kent for water purifier. Both products are at an affordable price.

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