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10 Basic Amenities to Look for in an Apartment!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Are you going to buy a new flat but not quite sure of what to be aware of before buying it? Relax; team Urban Tree lists out 10 things one should check and make sure of before moving into a flat! Buying your very own first flat can be exciting but at the same time can be tiring as well. Besides visiting the site and completing payment, there are a lot of other things that you should absolutely check out to make sure that the flat you are buying has the best and the required facilities.


1. Cross Ventilation

Cross Ventilation has become one of the most important amenities a flat should possess ever since sky-high skyscrapers came into prominence. Cross Ventilation have great health benefits since the air that enters inside the flat finds an exit as well. This reduces the need for artificial ventilation which translates to less consumption of power. Cross Ventilation also provides an outlet for smoke that originates from inside usually due to cooking activities.

2. Concrete Roads

It is 8 15 in the morning and you are rushing for office. But you will still end up late if the roads from your flat aren’t properly laid or worse, don’t exist! Make sure that the approach road to your flat is well-laid out and enables smooth and a pleasant drive every time.

3. 24/7 Water Supply

Water Supply at all times is extremely essential and can prove to be highly annoying if the supply is scarce or infrequent. Before buying a flat, ask your probable neighbors and some other local residents about the frequency of water supply. Their answers could give you a clear idea and will guide you to make an informed decision.

4. Proximity

Imagine driving 15 kms to a hospital or travelling 7 kms for your son’s school. Travelling in the hot sun or in treacherous traffic conditions can build up stress. Ensure that the flat that you are going to buy is in close proximity with hospitals, schools, office, shopping areas and other essential locations!

5. Neighborhood

There goes an old saying, “God chooses your neighbors”. But turns out that you can after all, choose your neighbors. Thorough research of your neighbors will make sure of a peaceful and a relaxed living without having to worry about anything. Speak to your neighbors before buying the flat since this will give you a clue about them. Also speaking to them will give you a better knowledge of the area, the frequency of water supply and etc.

6. Power Supply

Uninterrupted power supply is highly essential for a peaceful living and inadequate supply of power can leave you frustrated. Check whether the apartment has a backup generator in case of a blackout and also make sure that the generator is in working condition!

7. Spacious Apartments

You want that classy recliner chair but your wife wants to buy a leather couch. If your apartment is not spacious enough, you might end up waving goodbye to that recliner. A spacious apartment will emulate an elegant look and is absolutely required if your family consists of more than 3 persons. A cramped apartment will not give you freedom to roam about and the furniture will take up most of the space. Always go in for a spacious apartment with a large carpet area!

8. Parking Space

Parking your car in the street is risky and does not provide a safe environment for your much loved car. Before moving into an apartment, check whether it has a wide and spacious parking lot and also check if there will be space for guest parking. Do not buy a flat if it does not have adequate parking facilities.

9. Bathroom Amenities

Another important aspect that should be checked thoroughly is proper plumbing and sewage system. While visiting the site, check if the faucets are leaky or if the drain is clogged. This might seem trivial but it is an indicator of an unmaintained flat!

10. Kitchen Area

Checking to see whether the kitchen is spacious or if it has proper ventilation is often overlooked but it is one the most important things that should be checked out before buying a flat. If the kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation, the smoke arising due to cooking will stay within the house which is unhygienic. Buy a flat which has a spacious and a well-ventilated kitchen!

These are the 10 important things that you should be aware of before buying a flat or looking for a house for rent. Check and research thoroughly about the basic amenities available even though it is time consuming!

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