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10 Astounding House Designs You Will Love!

Written by Team Urban Tree

There are some extraordinarily built homes that makes us sigh in wonder, that help us envision our dream home.  A home can serve as a symbol which reveals your financial affluence and provide you the emotional security that you desire. Luxury homes are not only irresistible to look at, but are great places to unwind.

Luxury is a state of great comfort & elegance and also means showing great attention to details in every aspect of your home. Below are a few astounding house designs that you should take a look at:

1) Don’t you just love spacious homes that make you feel like you are in a castle? Add to it breath taking lights, a swimming pool at the entrance with perfectly mowed lawn and viola! Your luxury home is alive!


2) A dedicated play area within the grounds of your home plus a neat swimming pool tucked away with a patio is just what one needs when one wants to enjoy an evening at home with a bottle of wine and a book in hand!


3) Designing your home with glass and tiles goes a long way in making it look welcoming and serene. Multiple yellow lights, minimal greenery and a neatly trimmed lawn makes it a complete package!


4) If you are the kind that loves to innovate and want your house to stand out, you will love this one! A penthouse styled home, the garage is built on the top while the house is downstairs overlooking the scenic house in the valley that opens out to the swimming pool! Sounds more like a resort, doesn’t it?


5) If you are fond of glass modeled houses you’ll love this home that has an amazing terrace view as well!


6) If you are a fond of houses modeled on wood to give you a traditional atmosphere, the below home is the one for you!


7) Imagine having your home admist the lap of mountains bathed in scenic glory – with a roof that enables you to look at the sky and an infinity pool! You would never want to leave your house, would you?


8) This Cambridge house looks like it’s straight out of a vacation home! Minimal designed with a sprawling lawn, you could just stay here all day!

Cambridge House

9) This villa in Thailand has it all – luxury, greenery and serenity! Now wouldn’t you want to just live here all your life?

villa in thailand

10) This large interior and exterior spaced luxury home has not only used the builder’s imagination but has also perfectly blended nature and modern in its design!


Which of these homes did you like the best? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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Images courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/ArchitectureArtDesigns

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