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10 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

10 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning
Written by Team Urban Tree

The sun is up and shining in its full glory and doesn’t seem to give up, but why bring your life to a halt due to this harsh weather? We bring to you 10 tips to cool your house without burning a hole in your pocket with the electricity bills.

1. Plant saplings at home:

Plants are known for their cooling effect in a residential area. Surround your house with small saplings or plants and make your house cooler naturally. Kitchen gardens and terrace gardens are quite popular these days as they not only add beauty to your home but also help to bring down the temperature considerably.

Plant saplings at home

2. Paint your house with cooler colours:

If you live in a city like Chennai where it’s summer predominantly, then it’s time for you to switch your wall colours to non-heat absorbing shades such as whites and pastels. Colours such as black, reds and darker hues absorb exterior heat and make the room uncomfortable.

Paint your house with cooler colours

3. Keep your blinds closed:

It is advisable to keep your blinds closed during the day. Direct sunlight in the house will warm up your floors and make your stay at home painful. There is no escaping from these harsh rays; we can only try to avoid them with blinds.

Keep your blinds closed

4. Cool your body temperature:

Concentrate on keeping your body cool more than keeping your house cool. Drink a lot of water and meditate to keep calm and cool. Summers can take a toll on your health and one must ensure sufficient water intake to maintain good health.

Cool your body temperature

5. Ditch heavy upholstery for lighter fabrics:

Bid goodbye to heavy satin and silk upholstery this summer season and switch to fabrics like linen and cotton. Lighter upholstery lets the air pass by freely without any obstruction. These fabrics breathe life into the house and give the house a soothing effect.

Lighter fabrics curtains

6. Get creative:

Make your own DIY natural air conditioner at home. Place a brass container filled with ice water under the fan and let the fan distribute the cold air across the room. You can also place a few flowers inside the wide mouth container in order to add colour to the room and make it look artistic.

Colourful flowers indoor

7. Swap regular pillows and beds with water beds and pillows:

It’s that time of the month where you should be swapping your fluffy mattress with water or gel based pillows and beds. These pillows will cool down your body temperature and ensure a good night sleep. You can also go old school and try sleeping on mats made out of bamboo sticks that will keep your body closer to the floor and hence cooling it off.

Swap regular pillows and beds with water beds and pillows

8. Make artificial water pools and ponds in your veranda:

If you are lucky enough to live in palatial houses then it will be a wise decision to have an artificial water body to cool your house. Having small fish ponds or pools will contribute in bringing down the temperature.

Make artificial water pools and ponds in your veranda

9. Save energy, go Unplugged:

Make sure you unplug every energy consuming appliance when not in use. These appliances give out heat and add to existing energy crisis. Turn off bright lights, charging cables or any other appliance when not in use.

Save energy, go Unplugged

10. Cross ventilation:

While buying a house one must pay attention to the area of ventilation. Cross ventilation can sometimes go unnoticed but it contributes largely to keeping the house breezy and cold. Cross ventilation can naturally occur when windows are situated in opposite directions enabling the air to pass by. In other cases, you can place a fan across from the window in order to combine the air from the outside and fan to bring down the soaring temperatures.

Cross ventilation

This summer, get experimental and use these hacks to cool your houses naturally. These hacks will bring a relief from the harsh summers and keep the sun out while you stay in your house.


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