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10 Cheats to Driving on Chennai Roads!

Written by Team Urban Tree

When we say Chennai, emotions run high. A beautiful city with beautiful and unique people. But the same may not apply when it comes to said people driving on Chennai roads. We’d say Road Rash is a safe game after driving in Chennai! You’ll find swearing, yelling, vehicles parked right in the middle of the road (wherein the driver would be involved in a heated argument with someone who irked him), autos taking up the middle route leaving you little or no space to navigate, etc.

So if you’ve just gotten your new bike/car and cannot wait to drive on Chennai roads, we suggest you take a look at these cheats if you want to survive and reach your destination unscathed! Believe us when we say we have tried and tested every cheat below!

1. Expect the unexpected


Anything can happen in Chennai roads – a quick right turn without any indicator, an auto whizzing past from out of nowhere, a bike making a cut in front of your vehicle, pedestrians crossing the road by cat walking, so on and so forth.

Driving hacks in Chennai


2. Don’t respond to swearing!

You will find vehicle drivers swearing at you for literally anything. But the key to avoiding it is to pretend like nothing happened and just to keep driving!

Driving hacks in Chennai


3. Bumped into a vehicle? Don’t apologize!

Unless you don’t mind getting an earful of how wonderful a citizen you are and your personal abilities while driving (pun intended), you do not want to apologize, trust us. You will not be spared!

Driving hacks in Chennai

4. Horns are good, but they don’t mean anything to large trucks


No matter how loud or how long you honk for, no bus drivers or lorry drivers on the road will even flinch. So don’t bother, just bear with traveling behind them for a short distance and then find a way to squeeze past and zip away.

Driving hacks in Chennai


5. Consider dogs, cows, roosters, and children as just some more obstacles

It’s not uncommon to find a stray dog or a cow taking their own sweet time waltzing across the road. So expect the unexpected and always be ready for a child running to pick up his ball from the middle of the road or a bleating goat separated from the herd and playing London London Statue in the fast lane!

Driving hacks in Chennai


6. Be patient when pedestrians cross the road


Sometimes even pedestrians take advantage of the fact that they aren’t in motor vehicles, and decide to cross the road right in front of you at a pace that makes snails look like Usain Bolt. Fight the urge to honk or shout or even bump into them; for, neither will help. Everything falls on deaf ears!

Driving hacks in Chennai


7. Tail behind Namma Chennai autos to get out of traffic because nobody else can bulldoze like they do!


That’s right, they know their routes, and their skills are that of an expert’s when it comes to finding little gaps to squeeze through traffic. Follow them as much as you can or you’ll be stuck in a position you don’t like, not behind some garbage truck, hopefully.



8. Maintain safe distance from trucks


As much as possible, leave a larger buffer zone when riding or driving behind vehicles carrying a heavy load, such as sand lorries and goods auto rickshaws with steel rods or scaffolding material. Although it would be best for you to avoid that kind of a position altogether, maneuver past it and get in front of it as soon as possible.

Driving hacks in Chennai


9. Don’t leave cycle gaps

Even that tiny margin of error you leave for your vehicle on either side of it, somehow looks like a red carpeted area for bikers to come and plonk themselves in. So don’t leave that space when you’re driving in heavy traffic, or it’ll lead to everything becoming choc-a-block and leading to a grinding halt.

Driving hacks in Chennai


10. Assume that every person on the road is an idiot


They may not be, but assume every person on the road with you is stupid, and that’s enough to help you survive on Chennai roads. Because the moment you trust someone enough not to switch lanes in front of you or cut you off, you aren’t prepared to react quickly enough when they do!

Driving hacks in Chennai

Are there any other cheats you think works exceptionally well in the roads? Tell us in the comments section 🙂

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