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10 Common Mistakes That Kill Your Home Interior Design

Written by Team Urban Tree

Change is something that happens to everything and everyone. In the case of your house or apartment, it’s even more necessary. There might be walls that are peeling away slowly or the flooring needs to be turned over and completely redone. But there are things that need to be avoided when you are looking to make a change. It’s important to take note of these points before you make a huge mistake that you can’t take back.  When designing your home, these are mistakes that you need to avoid at all times.

Over-Furnishing — Just because there is a large empty space, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to be crammed into that room. The furniture that will go into that room should actually fit it. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. If the pieces don’t fit, then there is something wrong. Before you buy new furniture, take a minute to see how its going to fit into your room. Creative thinking and common sense are very important when furnishing a room. Try not to overstuff the room. Let it fit the room naturally.


Lack of Variety – Just because it all comes from one store, doesn’t make it the ideal place to shop. Avoid monotony by bringing in things from different stores. Again, here, do not go for the overkill. Get a combination of things that will go with the décor and the vibe of the room.

Misuse of Colours – People make the mistake of overthinking the colour scheme of a room. Some try to have walls that are different shades. For instance, a person may decide to have 3 different colours to a room.  Multiple colours overcomplicate any room. It’s sometimes safe to go with one specific colour as opposed to multiples colours. Simply put, stick to the basics when you’re not sure what colour you want for your walls.


Cluttering – There is a mantra that one should repeat – ‘less is more.’ A lot of people have a tendency to over-clutter their rooms with more accessories than they actually need. A room should have a balance to it. Don’t keep adding on lamps, tables or chair that doesn’t add any practicality to the room. It becomes a distraction and brings chaos and ruins the balance that a room must have. So, remove the things you don’t need. Keep the things that add value to the room. The results will make you room shine brighter than ever before.

Poor Lighting – On a film set, lighting is key to making a scene work. Without it, the scene loses its impact despite the efforts of the actor’s performance. The principle is the same in any home. There is a tendency in several homes to block natural light sources with badly placed curtains and furniture. Brighten up you room and allow natural light to seep through.


Lack of Plants – Greenery can always light up a room. A small plant could do wonders and add more life to the room. If you’re not confident in buying a real plant and taking care of it, you could always buy a fake one.

Poor Flooring Flooring changes from home to home. Some may have granite floors while others may have marble floors. People take floors that may look great in the short term but not think for the future. Choose the flooring that’s going to suit your home and that will last the longest.

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Windows – Another common mistake that people make is that they tend to hide their windows. Low hanging rods tend to make the room feel smaller, including the ceiling. When you buy your curtains, make sure to have a sense of scale and proportion of your room. Visualise your goals and attain them.

Ignored Ceilings – Sometimes, you just have to look up and see the problem staring you right in the face. Don’t paint your ceilings with an awkward colour. Stick to white. If you want gadgets in your room, don’t overstuff the corners with speakers. All you need is 2 speakers to give the sound effect you’re looking for.


No Paintings – You may have several pictures of your family on the walls but you don’t have any paintings. This is an error in judgement because paintings reflect more culture and make your rooms look distinguished.


We hope this has helped clear your doubts on decorating your home. Avoid these 10 signs and go on and beautify your house!

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