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10 DIY Book Shelf Ideas for Your Home

Bookshelf Designs for Home
Written by Team Urban Tree


                                                               “A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

                                                                                           -Garrison Keillo

Of course, a book is the best gift one can have. It has the power to transport you into a new world altogether. It takes you on magical journeys and portrays stark reality too. No matter which age you are in, a book can educate you with the turn of every page. For a book lover, a book is much more than its real worth. It’s no wonder that they seek the most prominent place in their house to store their books. There are many homeowners who can sacrifice with every other furniture in their house, but not their bookshelves. So, here are some great decorating ideas for bookshelves.

Idea #1: Mounted Book Shelves

Let us start with a classic styled book shelve idea. These conventional shelf units come with plywood racks and pipe-like holders. The best part about these shelves is: they can easily mingle with any home décor. Whether you have a rustic or modern home décor, these are perfect fits for your home. The simplicity of these shelves gives them an upper hand over most others.

Idea #2: The Book Shelf Tree

This bookshelf designs for home was originally incepted for the kids, but given its high style quotient today these bookshelves are used by the adults too. The looks of this bookshelf replicate that of a tall tree, with its branches spread out (thus the name). Branches come with horizontal racks that have enough spaces to accommodate your stock of books. These bookshelves come in various attractive designs and colours so you can choose one that matches your home décor perfectly. The bookshelf tree is easy to build as a part of the DIY project.

Idea #3: Knock Down Shelves

If you are a person who stays constantly on the move, then this bookshelf is the perfect fit for you. It is very simple to dismantle this shelf as and when needed. The bookshelf is sturdy and good looking and the books can be neatly arranged on this shelf. But the real highlight of this shelf is that: here each of the parts can be easily removed and packed up. This is a perfect book storage solution for the singles, students or ones who have transferable jobs.

Idea #4: Ironbound Bookcase

This is a traditional and professional looking bookcase that works perfectly for most homes as well as offices. Few materials are required to make these conventional bookcases. Though the bookcase can be done at home, with the help of tutorials available it is wise to call on professional help for safety purposes. These bookcases are commonly found + in offices, where they sit snugly in a corner. However, given their versatility, you can use them in your home too.

Idea #5: Rustic Kentwood Bookcase

These bookcases are taller than the other conventional models, and a bit compressed in breadth. This bookshelf design idea helps the bookcase adorn a rustic look which goes well with the interior décor. The bookcase is not only great to hold books, but may be used to store other pecuniary items too. The parts of the bookcase can be easily put together if you know the right places to shop around. And with the right DIY approach, you can build this simple yet stylish bookcase in your home.

Idea #6: Bookcase with Headboards

This is a bookcase that serves the dual purpose of keeping your books and providing some extra storage space for other items. This tall bookcase comes with the usual racks and cases in the lower half. While the upper half is kept vacant with a headboard. This gives the homeowners a choice to stuff in some of their extra (yet good looking) items on top of the bookcase. When arranged well, they look very stylish.

Idea #7: Contemporary Bookcases

The bookcases belonging to this category are available in an endless range of options. They are chic and fashionable. They can come in unconventional shapes and sizes, or you can opt for the more geometrical ones. Contemporary bookcases give you the options to store books, DVDs, showpieces, picture frames and much more. They are a perfect fit for the modern day home décor.

Idea #8: Six Cube Bookshelf

The design of this bookshelf is beautiful to look at. The bookshelf has baskets which snuggly fit into their defined sections. The design helps you keep the books with beautiful spines in the uncovered portions, while those old books with their torn spines can be kept in the covered areas. The covered areas can also be used to store many other utility things.

Idea #9: Floating Bookshelf

This bookshelf hangs in between, gorgeously. Coming in wooden varieties the floating bookshelf uses up least space from your floor area. It can accommodate a significant quantity of books, without them looking too stacked up. This bookshelf is a must have for individuals setting up a home office, as it allows you keep-it-all within least space.

Idea #10: Boat Bookshelf

If you live near a lake, own a lake house, or simply like being out there in the water – then this bookshelf is the best choice for you. The bookshelf takes a boat as its design inspiration. The top portion becomes the front of the boat, while the books sit within the boat. This attractive bookcase will surely help you set sail into the land of books!

Apart from being gorgeous, all the above-mentioned bookshelves are easy to assemble. They can be taken up as your DIY project and you will surely love the output.

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