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10 Easy Ways To Boost The Resale Value Of Your House

Written by Team Urban Tree

It is true that over years, property prices appreciate in a considerable manner. But the value of used houses depends on various factors such as pricing of new houses in the area, water and urban development in the area and many more. What more can you do to increase the resale value of your house when you are trying to sell it? Find 10 easy ways to boost the resale value of your house below:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is made for bringing families together. It is the heart of the home. People wanting to buy a new home will definitely look into how healthy and spacious the kitchen is. All the food and used vessels attract cockroaches. No matter how clean we keep it, the untouched cupboards, store rooms are more likely to house pests. The termites could have taken down an entire wooden shelf from inside but leave no trace from outside. So before you put your house on sale, make sure you give a pest control check to your kitchen and attend to it if needed. Buyers will be attracted if the kitchen is remodelled with pest control.


2. Flooring

Flooring in any house is essential. Investing in brand new floors will only help the resale value. For instance, some people have granite flooring. Others may have wood flooring. One of the best ways to boost the value is by installing marble floors. Polishing marble floors are fairly inexpensive these days and there are so many people willing to give a competitive price. The flooring issues are highly dependent on what kind of house you have and how much you are willing to spend. Sometimes, just replenishing the existing flooring and slightly polishing it up could make a world of difference.


3. Upgrade Doors

Upgraded doors can give your house a new look. Interior and exterior doors play a key role in boosting the resale value. You could opt for brand new doors to be installed throughout the house or you could just simply get them repainted and replace the ones that are broken. The painter will remove the old paint, even the surface and repaint it and give it a good varnish to make it look brand new. This is a better idea for the interior doors. For the exterior door, getting a brand new door could just do the trick. If you’re strapped for cash, you could always just change the front door. That’s the first thing a prospective buyer will look at when they enter your house. You might as well make them feel as welcome as possible.


4. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are extremely important. The most obvious thing that you need to make sure is that they are in good working order. Another important element is your toilet as their flushing capabilities should be up to par and that there are no blockages of any kind. If there are water stains on the tiles, give it a good polish. Your bathrooms have to be in tip-top shape if it is to have any sort of impact in its resale value.


5. Paint Colour

In reality, you should paint your house every 2 years. Like everything else, paint fades away or there is damage to the walls through rain, fire, home accidents or just plain deterioration over usage. To be on the safe side, try to use neutral colours like brown, white and grey. This will go a long way to boosting that resale value.

6. Create more room 

You would have used a hollow wall to create rooms or separate the living room and dining room, remove such walls in order to create more space, you could always knock down that wall to make your house look bigger. Too many walls or pillars could actually be a liability as it would give the appearance of a lack of space.


7. More Windows/ More Lights

In some homes, there isn’t enough light coming into it. You don’t want your home to look dark & dreary when a prospective buyer comes to visit your home. Installing more windows can give your house a refreshing a look. This is something that shouldn’t be negotiated. More windows equal more money when your house goes on sale. Now, if there is no scope for additional windows, you can always use low budget CFL lamps to make your home look bright. Want to make it classy? Bring in yellow CFLs!


8. Carpeting

If you had used carpets in your bedroom or living room, it is wise to scrub and clean them. It offers a feel of a fresh and new environment and definitely increases the value of your home.


9. Extra Storage

Create extra storage in your bedrooms. If you’re smart and up to the task, you will easily find unused space that could turn into a closet.

10. Hire an Interior Decorator

This is probably the easiest thing out there. Just get someone else to do the smart make-over and pay them.

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