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10 Places in Chennai that offer FREE HIV/AIDS Screening!

Written by Team Urban Tree

In order to create a “No HIV” India, we must first create a “Know HIV” scenario. AIDS is caused by the HIV Virus. Are you scared of being HIV positive? Are you scared to talk about it to anyone because you think it is sensitive? Are you scared of how you will be perceived by the society if you are indeed HIV positive?

These kinds of questions can prevent someone from undergoing an HIV Screening test. India ranked 3rd in the global index of the most number of HIV Cases by the end of 2013 and this is mainly because of the low awareness level regarding HIV. Anyone might be scared to talk about his condition due to the huge amount of social stigma it carries. If you are wondering whether you might be HIV positive, this list can help you out. Urban Tree has made a list of hospitals and clinics in Chennai which offers HIV Screening test at no or of little cost!


1. Siddha Medical College, Arumbakkam


Govt. Siddha medical college

Established in 1985, Government Siddha Medical College is located at Arumbakkam and conducts HIV Testing for free. An Integrated Council and Testing Centre (ICTC) was established in it by the Government of India. The ICTC conducts HIV screening free of cost and also gives out drugs and treatment which are also provided free.

Location: ICTC, Government Siddha Medical College, 6, Anna Arch Road, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai- 600006

Contact: 044-22301760

2. Kasthuribhai Gandhi Hospital for Women and Children, Triplicane

Kasturibhai Gandhi Hospital

The Hospital was founded in 1885 and serves women and children run by women doctors. It was founded as the Hospital for Gosha Women and in 1948, the was renamed as “Kasthuribhai Gandhi Hospital for Women and Children.”

An ICTC center is also established in it and tests for the presence of HIV in both mother and child. Treatment is also provided free of cost.

Location: Victoria Hostel Road, Triplicane, Chennai- 600005

Contact: 044-28545001

3. Government General Hospital, Central, Chennai

Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital

The Screening as well as specialist treatment is free of cost and the HIV patients are treated as in-patients. The HIV Clinic at Government General Hospital, now renamed as Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, was the initiative of the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TNASC). The TNASC has also established STD clinics at various other government hospitals across India.

Location: General Hospital Road, Park Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600003

Contact: 044-25305000

4. Government Stanley Hospital, Mint, Chennai

Stanley Hospital, Mint, Chennai

An STD clinic was established at Government Stanley Hospital by the initiative of the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society. Screening as well as treatment for HIV infected patients is free of cost and their service is exceptional. The hospital is more than 200 years old and is also a recognized ICTC center.

Location: Old Jail Road, Mint, Broadway, Chennai-600001

Contact: 044-25281351, 044-25281349, 044-25281353

5. Government Royapettah Hospital, Royapettah, Chennai

Royapettah Hospital

The Government Royapettah Hospital in Chennai conducts screening tests and also treats HIV infected patients. The STD clinic at Government Royapettah Hospital was also started under the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society. It is the city’s largest peripheral hospital with its limits extending till Chengalpattu!

Location: No1, Westcott Road, Royapettah, Chennai-600014

Contact: 044-28483053

6. Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Tambaram, Chennai

This hospital proves to be the largest AIDS Centre in India. It was first started as a hospital for patients infected with TB but when a number of TB patients who were also infected with HIV were admitted in 1993, the Hospital became a HIV and a STD clinic. The growing prominence of this hospital was when the main Tambaram Sanatorium railway station was built. Currently, this hospital is the largest AIDS Care center in India. This hospital also falls under the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society.

Location: Station Border Road, Sai Ram Colony, Tambaram, Chennai-600047

Contact: 044-22418450, 044-22418427

7. Southern Railway Hospital, Ayanavaram, Chennai

Southern Railway Hospital

Also known as the Perambur Railway Hospital, the Southern Railway Hospital was originally founded to treat the Indian Railways employees but it also caters to the general public. The hospital campus spans across 15 acres and was established in 1928. HIV screening is totally free and the hospital also treats HIV-infected patients at no cost. The Southern Railway Hospital is also a recognized ICTC center and the hospital gives out a Triple Drug ART Regime for treatment which can also be availed at no cost.

Location: Constable Road, Ayanavaram, Chennai- 600023

Contact: 044-26443051

8. VD Sex HIV Clinic, Periamet, Chennai

VD Sex HIV Clinic is located at Periamet, Chennai. Though there is a small fee for consultation, the HIV screening test is absolutely free. The Clinic is run by Dr. Usman who has had a commendable amount of experience. He has been a member in National AIDS Control Organization and also was a president for the Indian Association for the study of STD and Aids. The Clinic promises to bring timely service and the best treatment to its patients.

Location: No.12, Cuddapah Rangaiah Street, Periamet, Chennai-600003

Contact: 9841139768

9. Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, Chennai

Kilpauk Hospital

The Govt. Kilpauk Medical College Hospital is located in Kilpauk and is an ICTC established by the Government of India.

It offers a 3 step testing procedure to establish the presence or absence of the HIV Virus beyond any doubt. If tested positive for HIV, the Hospital provides a Triple Drug ART Regime which is also supplied free of cost.

Location: ICTC Dept. of STD/AIDS, Govt. Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, Poonamalle High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600010

Contact: 044-28364949

10. Institute of Child Health, Egmore, Chennai

Government Children's Hospital

Children are also susceptible to the HIV virus transmitted mainly from the mother when the child is in the fetus itself. Institute of Child Health is also an ICTC and conducts free screening for Children and also provides treatment, also free of cost. ELISA method is used to diagnose the HIV suspected children and the results are given on the evening of the same day to the parent.

Location: ICTC Institute of Child Health, Halls Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600008.

Contact: 044-28192138

All the above mentioned hospitals and clinics conduct HIV Screening test at no or affordable costs. It is also important to know that HIV can be transmitted through many means with sexual activity as one of the means. Almost every doctor suggests everyone to take an HIV test every one year.

Do your part towards an HIV-free India. Be Safe. Be “HIV-safe.” 🙂

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