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10 Things People Notice About Your Home!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Buying a property and seeing your dream home being built is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Seeing our hard work taking fruit and being able to share this wonderful news with friends and family is a priceless feeling indeed. But just like 2 sides to a coin, our painstaking efforts of our handpicked mixture of elements and features can never escape the sceptical eyes. A raised eyebrow over the choice of paint, tile, kitchen design, so on and so forth makes the owners seriously reconsider their decision.

So what are the 10 most things noticed most in your homes? Read below and grin at every classic response you’ve heard:

1. Is it Vastu Compliant?


"Are you sure the curtain must come here? I'm not sure of the vastu!"

“Are you sure the curtain must come here? I’m not sure of the vastu!”

Every head of the family gets asked this question. One of the most important and first question that determines the goodness of the house.
“You know, we just checked out this amazing 3BHK home 2 streets from here last week and we loved it but the vastu was not at all compliant! Are you sure yours is perfectly vastu shashtra compliant?” is something we hear quite often.

2. Ventilation


The ventilation is so good here!

The ventilation is so good here!

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the house, ventilation is a common topic that is discussed by visitors and guests at your house!

3. Flooring & Wall Paint


Your reaction to the questions!

Your reaction to the questions!

The most common questions asked are “don’t you think the colour is a tad too bright/ light?” and “I think dirt might be easier to spot” if the colour is light and “looks like you don’t have to worry about dirt on the floor; it’s hardly noticeable!”

4. The Kitchen


We love the kitchen! Although....

We love the kitchen! Although….

Whatever said and done, the ladies of the house are the best judges for your home decor. Don’t we all remember the umpteen number of times aunties, mausis, chithis, and nanas have passed a “casual comment” on your kitchen and its decor? It might seem casual but it screams “take note! this is NOT how you do it! hmph.” Because after all, women are women 😉

5. Is it Dust Free? Is it Clean 24/7?


Yes you have my stamp of approval!

Yes you have my stamp of approval!

To pass the perfect home owner test, one must score a definite 110 out of 100 when it comes to cleanliness and maintaining dust invasion! “Wow you’ve kept it simply spotless!” (nods head in approval)

6. Puja Room


Bhagwan approves of your puja room!

Bhagwan approves of your puja room!

Yet another important aspect of the typical Indian home, the puja room is a must have you should not miss. The bigger the puja room, the bigger the nod of approval you receive. “And it’s big enough to conduct all the pujas! You’ve done very well I must say!”

7. Bedroom


Nothing as cozy as the bed!

Nothing as cozy as the bed!

The cosiest room in your house is also the most loved room (for obvious reasons) and the most enquired after – “Is it a 3 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom apartment?”

8. Furniture


I appreciate your appreciation!

I appreciate your appreciation!

Selecting the perfect furniture that compliments your home ambience, the colours and the setting is surely an art! And those who excel at it never fail to receive appreciation!

9. House Help


Your questions are...unanswerable!

Your questions are…unanswerable!

A common topic for the ladies is how difficult it is to find The One, the perfect house aid for one’s house. Conversations about house maids include “is she good? Does she cook well? How well does she maintain the house?” and so on!

10. How Many Inches is your Tv?


10 Things People Notice About Your Home bedroom

Let me count the number of inches my Tv is

If you have an above 30 inch Tv, you will most likely hear “oh good you’ve got one too! Did you tape last week’s serial? I missed Tuesday’s episode!”
And if you have a below 30 inch Tv, you will most likely hear “you know, I’ve got so used to watching Tv in my 39 inch flat screen that anything below that seems tiny!”

Are some of these dialogues too familiar to you? Share this with your friends and put a big smile on their faces 🙂

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