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10 Things That Confirms Summer is Setting in Chennai!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Ah, the Chennai summers. Need we say more? You might hear these words very often:

“Its hot”

“Its burning”

“Kitni Garmi Hai”

“Paah semma veyilu!” in Chennai as we say goodbye to the pleasant February weather. While homes in Chennai are gearing up for summers and people are getting their air conditioners serviced, there are vendors who are decorating this city with the coolest elements of summer that chennaiites rejoice spectating. Here are the best 10 things that you end up seeing in summers very often in Chennai:

1. Watermelons!



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Even before summer gets extreme, watermelons in Chennai starts popping up in every street corner! There are vendors who cut the most brightly colored watermelon in slices and put it on public display to attract commuters. Though, there are many seeds to sort, watermelon in summer is always our first love! – They are best known for keeping us hydrated throughout this season 🙂

2. Sugarcane Juice!



Image Source: The Hindu

While Cola drinks has its own market in summer, many of us prefer to quench our thirst with the sweetness of sugarcane juice which is available in almost every area of the city! Some like it chilled, some prefer plain and some love to add salt to it!
They are best known for keeping Jaundice away in summer!

3. Ice Apple (Nungu)!



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Craving is the only word associated with the most delicate fruit of the summer. Nungu is known for its chillness quotient! They are always compared to the tender coconuts but have their own time period in the city. People from the rural parts of Tamil Nadu are usually spotted with many temporary shops in the city. Haven’t tried one yet? You will most probably find one in your street corner being sold by an old lady or an old man.

4. Tender Coconut!


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Image Source: The Hindu

Though a popular phenomena throughout the year, the humble tender coconut becomes a much sought after drink during the summers.  Health conscious people prefer to keep themselves hydrated and healthy with tender coconuts! While they always complain about its soaring price, they still prefer to take this over cola drinks!

5. Mango Carts!



Image Source: The Hindu

For most of us, summer means only one thing = mangoes! Unmercifully unavailable throughout the year, the mangoes have created quite a demand in Chennai.  Echoing this thought are the mango carts that circulate the streets waiting to be devoured. How many carts did you spot today? 🙂

6. Goli Sodas and Sherbets!


goli soda source the hindu

Image Source: The Hindu

Every popular bus stand in the city will have one vendor selling the goli soda / lemon sharbat and probably this is the reason why lemon prices soars in Chennai. Beware a bit about the water they use or the ice cubes they add, in case you are hygiene conscious, you would not want to risk it!

7. Juice Shops & Ice Cream Shops are Full!



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When you decide to stop for a quick glass of juice to quench your ever dry throat, good luck getting into the shops as you’ll find them teeming with customers! From stree side Kulfis, badam milks to the popular juice shops in Chennai, this is the time when they have the most footfalls. As we await our orders, Urban Tree team often discusses the life in the city and how to make it better by bringing some quality living in Chennai!

8. Women Protecting Themselves!


bandit queens source the hindu

Image Source: The Hindu

Girls during summers are no less than bandit queens! If your friend is waving at you while she is riding her bike, we’re sure you will be surprised as you simply cannot recognize her! For, hair and skin are to be very well protected! If you don’t follow this effective method of protecting yourself from the sun, we suggest you start right away!

9. More Sun Glass Vendors!



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At an instance when Ray Bans of the world are busy advertising how important it is to have quality sunglasses to protect your eyes, there are vendors in the city busy setting up stalls with colorful sunglasses – they have a duplicate for every brand or they have a brand of their own! Almost everyone of us would have experienced this and/or would have purchased the glasses too! No matter where you buy the glasses, flaunting them is just a priceless feeling!

10. Beaches Are Packed!


21TH_BEACH_636098f source the hindu

Image Source: The Hindu

As we pay more for ice-creams at the beaches, the charm of beaches increases as the students are free and the parents wants to spend some quality time with kids! Because Chennai Marina beach breeze cannot ever equal any number of air conditioner in your homes. Whether you have an air conditioner or not, Chennai summers are incomplete without a visit to the beach!

Despite the complaints on our lips on the soaring heat, we’re sure you will enjoy these 10 things this summer! 🙂

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