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11 Creative Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

11 Creative Ways To Organize Your Bedroom
Written by Team Urban Tree

The bedroom. Your private corner. Your Shangri-La.

It’s yours alone and no one else’s. Your bedroom is where you start and end your day. The last thing you want to do is to come home to a messy room. Imagine that you just had a long day at work and as you stagger to your bedroom, you bump into pieces of furniture or slip on a bunch of clothes and hit your head. Okay that might be a little bit of exaggeration, but, anything could happen.

Did you know space is luxury? Yes, as much as it is surprising, it is the truth if you think about it. All the luxurious homes or the hotel rooms are huge. You might wonder making space in your bedroom for everything is not possible. One of the main reasons for less space in your room is it is poorly organized. There are many ways you can create space in your room. It just takes a little bit of creativity and actually acting on those creative ideas. Let’s take a look at ways that could help you organize your room in the most effective manner.

1. Shelves:

These are real life savers. Shelves add so much more space you can imagine. The wall isn’t there just for hanging pictures. It’s also meant to give you the extra room you need. Of course, you have to be smart about it. Some walls are more delicate than others. Depending on how old your house is and the free wall area choose a shelf that will work best for you based on your priorities. Make sure the shelves are not hollow from behind. You can find out if it is hollow or not by just tapping a hammer slightly to listen for it.


2. Conversion:

Don’t get scared! We are not talking about a full-scale conversion of your room. We are just saying that a lot could be done by turning other pieces of furniture and put it to use for something else. For instance, you could convert your dresser into a side table. Before you know it, you have a drawer with your undergarments, socks, shirts etc and on top of it, a place for your reading lamp. Think of all that extra space you just got.

3. Under the bed:

Wow! That sounds like a terrible parody of a bad Disney song. But we are talking about space under your bed. Go creative and make some place to organise your old pieces of luggage, handbags, linen sets etc. in the best neat manner. Really, you can fit in anything under the bed.


4. Shelves for shoes:

If you run out of space for your shoes, you could go online and buy yourself a vertical shoe shelf. Anything vertical always save space also you could even space your shoes depending on the time of day you need it. You can hang these shelves behind doors as it looks neat, tidy and comes handy for usage too.


5. Organise your drawer:

There’s probably a reason why there are so many clothes on your floor or bed. It’s probably because your drawers aren’t properly organized. Organise well and make separate space for your undergarments, socks, t-shirts. Take the time to neatly fold your clothes every time after using it and put it in the same place. So crack your drawers open and set it up to suit your needs.


6. Art Display:

If you’re still running out of space, take out your books and organise to make it look like an art display.  Maybe put your waste paper baskets on top of the books. The possibilities are endless. It can be extremely entertaining. Have some fun with it.


7. Get Smart:

There is probably furniture you don’t need in your room. It could be an old chest or an unnecessary extra table. There could even be more books than your actually need. Get it out! Don’t let it take away more space from your room.

8. Angles:

The angles in your room make all the difference. Take stock and push your furniture around. You’ll be surprised when you do. You’ll have more space than you thought you would have.


9. Plastic Shelves:

Yes, the bathroom door in your bedroom could serve as a great way to save on space. You have all these extra pieces of makeup, eyeliners, nail polish et al. It would make a lot more sense to get everything in one place that is organized according to what you need. You can even alphabetize it.

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10. Jewellery box:

For many women, taking care of their jewellery can be quite the hassle. For women who really love their jewellery, they take the time to organize their earrings, diamond rings and necklaces. Take the time to do that and the results will speak for themselves. And guess what? It can give quite an artistic touch to your room.


11. Kick back:

You did the first 10 steps! Now sit back and enjoy all the hard work you took to finish organizing your room the way you want. Sweet Dreams! 🙂

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