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11 Things We Do Differently When Guests Come Home!

Written by Team Urban Tree
We are only too familiar with the scenario at our homes when we have guests and when we don’t:
The house is upside down, it’s almost always a mess, the speakers are always on high volume, the crockery never comes out but magically appears when we have guests, parents can be talked into anything before the guests but our requests are denied outright when asked otherwise and so on!
We are not exaggerating when we say that we have experienced each and every single situation depicted below!


1.  Sitting Positions


Series-01 (1)


We’ve been there, done that. The foremost thing being sitting properly when in the presence of guests and not having a care in the world when we’re in the comfort of our homes!


2.  Dine Together


Series-02 (1)


Guests at home = dine at dining table.  No guests = beds and couches become a make-shift dining table!


3. Mute Tv/ Reduce Volume


Series-03 (1)


Watching TV with guests can be awkward knowing you have absolutely no control over the remote, forcing you to keep the volume to mute. And when you don’t have guests, we know the volume knob of the speakers never go down!


4. Laundry in Order


Series-04 (1)


We all know we bother about our clothes being neatly folded and placed in the wardrobe only when we have guests coming over! Else you can find it strewn over all over the house!


5. Personal Grooming


Series-05 (1)


On most days, we don’t really bother about the combs but when guests are around, the messy bun and uncombed hair has to be tamed into a ponytail or well combed hairstyle!


6. Bring Out the Fancy Crockery! 


Series-06 (1)


On any given day, you won’t see your plates looking special as opposed to the presence of guests. Watch your mom unpack brand new plates and cutlery from your that you never knew existed!


7. Watching TV


Series-07 (1)


Watching Tv = lying sprawled on the couch with one leg up on the sofa. But with guests, you actually have to sit upright! Ah, the cruelty!


8. Take Advantage of Parents’ Hospitality


Series-08 (1)


This is one cheat code we are proud of discovering and which we will pass on generations to come: We know the best time to demand things from our parents is to ask when there are guests visiting. We also know what would happen when we ask things when with our family!


9. Fancy Menu for Guests


Series-09 (1)


Guests can make your mom a passionate cook. Your mom puts her heart and soul into the menu for the night when guests are coming over. You will be appalled to find it consisting of appetizers, starters, a main course and dessert. Did that ever happen when you were hungry and wanted an awesome meal?


10. Things will be Organized


Series-10 (1)


We realize the actual meaning of a shoe rack only when guests are supposed to come around. Else, it’s usually ignored and becomes that “useless” thing by the door!


11. “Me and my brother never fight! No, really!” 


Series-11 (1)


You are probably tired of pretending to love your brother in front of a guest but sibling Love between siblings is magical, lovely, special and something that can be witnessed only during the arrival of guests. With no guests around, parents get to experience first-hand the would-be intensity of World War 3.


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