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11 Ways To Decorate Your Home This Diwali

Written by Team Urban Tree

Diwali is hands down one of the most vibrant and joyous festivals of our country. People look forward with great enthusiasm to celebrate Diwali. On this joyous occasion people do Pooja, light crackers, prepare delicious sweets, spend time with family members, visit their loved ones and exchange gifts/cards. Diwali gifts are more like an extended expression of love towards family and friends.

Most people re-paint their house and clean it thoroughly to incorporate great decorations as it is a believed that Goddess Lakshmi enters the house that is neat and clean. How about trying out these decoration ideas to spruce up your Diwali celebrations this year? 🙂

11 ways to decorate your home this Diwali

1. Diwali Diya – Festival of diwali is incomplete without diyas/deebams that are basically made out of clay. While the charm of diya itself is enchanting, you can enhance it by creatively painting it and placing them in corners of the house to elevate and bring an illusion of huge space.

diya 2

2. Floral Diya – Once your diyas are ready to use, place 4 or 5 in a plate/ big bowl of water surrounded with flower petals to decorate them.  This will not only give a contemporary look but also add fragrance and charm to your house.


3. Diwali Lanterns – Lanterns are important components of this festival and are mainly used on the stairs to create an illusion of space and bring grandeur to the house. This Diwali, get the most attractive paper lanterns to light up the entrance of your home.

Diwali Lanterns Decoration

4. Serial Lamps – Serial lamps commonly known as Christmas lights are available in different shapes and sizes with colorful bulbs that resemble the row of diyas. If you are worried about the kids at home disturbing or playing with diyas, buy serial lamps in meters based on your requirement and go frenzy decorating the house with lights that are safe for children.

Light Decorations

5. Decorative Candles – Instead of using simple candles, go creative! Use anything from dried flower petals, twigs to cinnamon sticks to decorate a candle by sticking it around them. Ensure you stick these materials appropriately so that it remains for a longer time.

6. Rangoli – There is nothing more beautiful than designing a rangoli on this auspicious occasion. No Diwali is complete without vibrant, flowery and loopy kolams decorating the front or everyone’s homes adding to the festivities.


7. Chain of Bulb lights – Now, here is some interesting DIY idea for you! Create a chain of bulb lights of your own colors and hang them around the walls. You can also create paper bubbles around them using simple paper cutting at home.


8. Diwali Wall Paint – House painting is a part of Diwali decoration, and if you have enough budget then go for wall paint on a theme that matches your decoration. Make sure you choose a design/ theme that will look good even without the decoration.


9. Decorative Gift Box – People exchange gifts and sweets during Diwali and normal gift boxes are just boring. Add a personal touch by making amazing decorations on those gift boxes, like creating a star on it using variegated paper or adding bright color lace to the box etc.


10. Flower Decoration – The house looks great and refreshing when it is decorated with flowers especially on a festival like Diwali. Decorate the walls of your home with beautifully stringed flowers. If real flowers don’t fall into your budget, try the artificial flowers. In fact, the latter reduces the worry of changing flowers daily.

11. Cloth Decoration – Net cloth is available in various colors and quality. It can be used to decorate the walls, furniture, the entrance of the house or even the puja room. If you do not want to spend on buying a net cloth, you can make use of colorful sarees to hang in patterns to decorate. But when you are using cloth to decorate make sure there is no diyas around to avoid mishaps.


What are you waiting for? Go and make your home colorful this Diwali with the above tips and send us a picture.

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