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12 DIY Hacks That Every House Owner must try.

DIY Hacks That Every House Owner must try
Written by Team Urban Tree

These are 12 DIY hacks that you will regret not knowing. These tips will change the way you live, making your lives much simpler!

1. Scent your dirty laundry:

Are you a bachelor living by yourself? And do not have time on hand for laundry? Does your room smell like old socks? Then this hack has got your back.

Throw in a scented soap or a scented candle in your pile of dirty laundry. This scented soap will give out a pleasant aroma and save you from the odour emitted by dirty laundry.

2. DIY Water sprinkler:

Owning a house with a garden comes with a lot of responsibility. If maintaining your garden seems time-consuming, this hack is sure to revolutionize the way you water it.

Take an old cold drink bottle, preferably a 2ltr plastic bottle; puncture across its length with multiple holes. Tape the mouth of the garden hose into the bottle and position the bottle in a way that it will spray water in all directions, evenly distributing it to the plants.

3. Spotless Buckets:

We often use buckets to pour paints when revamping the house. These buckets once used for paints become obsolete for daily use. By using a large zip lock bag or a polyethene bag to contain the paint in the bucket you can save yourself the cost of buying a new bucket.

4. Even out the toothpaste flow:

In order to ensure optimal utilisation of your toothpaste, always clip the end of the tube with a binder or paper clip. This clip will keep your toothpaste in an orderly fashion making your tube look shapely.

5. Segregate your keys with paint:

This DIY hack will help you differentiate keys with different colours. Now you can use nail paints to mark your keys or paint them differently in order to make them stand out. This process will save you time and is also a fun thing to do.

6. Jazz up your old ladder:

If you have a ladder that’s rusting in your store room it’s time to put it to some good use. Strategically place the ladder in your living room and place wooden planks on the steps. These wooden planks will act as the base for your storage. You can use this space for keeping your shoes, decorate it with ornamental plants or simply turn it into a bookshelf.

7. Turn your ironing board into a swanky table:

Own an ironing board but don’t use it?  This iron board can now be reused as a table to hold a few books, a flower vase or even a small lamp. This will put your ironing board to best use without having to regret the decision of buying it.

8. Use your jewellery as a tie back for your curtains:

All of us have elegant pieces of jewellery that are either outdated or we don’t wear them anymore. Encrusted with different coloured stones and embellishments these jewellery pieces, especially necklaces could serve as beautiful tiebacks for your curtains. This will enhance the look of your house and make it look regal.

9. Old kettle, the new vase for your table:

Don’t trash your old kettle; instead turn it into a new indoor garden accessory. You can use it as a base for indoor plants and keep them as a centre piece on your table. This will beautify the table and serve as a good centre piece. You don’t really have to buy an expensive artifact to make your house look appealing, these small hacks save the day.

10. Turn waste space into innovative storage spaces:

One needs to learn how to make the best out of every space in the house. We have areas behind the doors that are often let unused for a long period of time. We can now turn these places into a storage place for books, shoes or even add hooks to hang your clothes.

To make it more appealing you can now to paint these nooks and corners of your house with the colour of your choice and personalise it according to your need.

11. Paint your light bulbs:

Change the lighting in your room according to your mood without having to buy newer lights.

In this DIY hack, you will have to paint and sketch your light bulbs to quirk up your room. Use a Sharpie to draw intricate details or shapes on your painted bulb. This will help you personalise your room that reflects your personality.

12. Camouflage your router and its wires:

Routers and cables have found a permanent place in our living rooms/ bedrooms. With this DIY hack, you can camouflage your router with the help of a hard bound hollowed out notebook. You can use the cover of any of your favourite read and hide your router inside it. The design of the book will bring give the vibe of a book stand while concealing the cables and the router underneath.

Every homeowner has an easy hack that they swear by. Above mentioned are 12 hacks that can be universally used irrespective of the type of house one resides in. Most of the simple hacks listed above can be executed without having to invest any money and by making the best of the discarded or unused objects at home.

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