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12 Things You Should Do When Moving Into a New House

Written by Team Urban Tree

Moving into a new house is something; some do it for once or twice where as few do it many a times for various reasons. As exciting and thrilling it may sound  and feel every time to move into a new place, one should not forget the essential “to-do’s” that need to be considered before you step into the new paradise of yours.

It is not every day that you move into a new house and you need to do a lot of planning and organizing for the same. Here are a few points you need to check off before you move into a new home

  1. Make a to-do list: It is important that you prioritize the tasks that need your attention well in advance. Make a to-do list of the immediate tasks you need to accomplish before moving in and after moving in to the new house. This priority list will help you stay organized and give yourself an opportunity to jump start the move.
  1. Clean Up the house: Cleaning the house is the most basic thing one has to do before moving into the house. It is the perfect time to take care of the messy things before moving in and to make every corner of your house dust free. Also, utilize this time to get your house pest – proof. Do not forget to steam up the window curtains and also get the bathrooms thoroughly cleaned.  If you feel you would not be able to spare enough time to do it yourself, consider hiring professional cleaning services.
  1. Change the locks and security system: If you are not the first one to move into the chosen house, consider buying and installing new locks, new deadbolts and the security system (if any). You never know who is likely to have a key to your home and you wouldn’t want to live with that insecurity all through.
  1. Learn where the mains are installed: Well verse yourself with the placements of the circuit system and water valves. It is a good idea to label the fuse controls with their placements inside the house for certain electric emergencies. Also, locate whether the main water valve is installed inside or outside the house for plumbing emergencies.
  1. Check the walls and ceilings: Before moving into the new house permanently, you need to ensure that the walls and ceilings are not damaged. Do a check if there are any holes, cracks or other defects in them and prep those beforehand. Also, if you want to give your home a new look, this is the perfect time to do the painting of the interiors and exteriors of the house.
  1. Organize and be prepared with the basics: To make moving in less stressful, prep up the basics in your new home before hand. Check if all the basic utilities like taps in kitchen and bathrooms and all electric boards are in good working condition. Call the utility company for service providers for phone, gas, electric, trash pickup, internet etc. Ensure you have enough organizers and closets to move in everything you already have and if not, consider getting yourself that extra shelf.
  1. Prioritize your unpack: One of the fist things you need to do before moving in your new house is to prioritize what needs to be unpacked first. Prepare the box(es) with some basic essentials you would need as soon as you move into the new place. Mark them accordingly, so that you know what to look out for at first.
  1. Make an emergency kit: Unpacking and setting up the house will take more than two days, meanwhile if you or your family gets hurt or even during the shifting, anyone involved could hurt themselves and would need a first aid. Make sure you have an emergency/first aid kit handy and place it in a known place which would be easy to access to.
  1. Donate/sell/trash the unwanted: You would not want to carry any unnecessary or unwanted items along with you into the new home. It is hard to let go of things, but while packing for the move, ensure to separate which of your items you would want to donate or sell or things you would want to throw in the trash bin. Get ready for a new beginning.
  1. Change your address: This one has to be one of the key points on one’s to do list. Make sure you submit the change of address to the post office. Do not forget to contact the bank, credit card companies, the insurance company, gas agency and ration card and other important institutions of the change of address. Also, get all your documents like your electoral card, driving license etc. updated with the new address.
  1. Know your area: Give yourself a short quick trip in the new locality. Meet the neighbours, who can help you provide knowledge of the surroundings better. Locate the nearest super market, so that you know where to head to for everyday needs. Get to check the nearest health care and pharmacy for emergency cases. If you are not convinced about these things in your locality, think twice if you have to move into the house.
  1. Give thumbs up to family and friends: Consider this opportunity to touch base with family and friends. Send in the updated information to everyone so that they know where to contact you. You could also throw in a housewarming party a couple of weeks after moving in and free yourself from all the stress that you had been in.

Samuel Johnson has put this really well– “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends, and of which every desire prompts the prosecution”

Moving into a new house comprises of lot of work from planning, organizing, packing and unpacking. Though it is hardly ever fun to move in, we promise, once you are settled in, all the efforts will be worth it. Be happy and enjoy your new place.

If you got any other tips or suggestions, do share it with us in the comments below.

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