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14 Crazy Things We Do While India’s Playing the ICC World Cup!

Written by Team Urban Tree

What do we do when there’s an India world cup match? We drop everything else and glue our eyes to the Tv screen only. Bathroom breaks are relied solely on the advertisements (sometimes we even curse the ads for being pitifully short!) and we simply cancel all other plans. Here is a list of some more crazy things we do while India’s playing the World Cup! How many crazy reasons are you ticking off? 😉

1. Ready-made Excuses to Take Off!

“Calling in sick. Be right back.”

Cricket is a religion. We get an off during important religious occasions. India Vs. any country during the ICC World Cup, holiday toh banta hain!

2. Profanity Level – ZOMBIE!


You know someone fares worse during a crucial wicket when the entire family swears in unison and the level of swearing goes through the roof! The game does a lot to get their curse juice flowing. We highly recommend earplugs when the game gets to breaking point.

3. You Start Believing in God!


You were an atheist yesterday.

But nah, not today.

Bring out all the chants of mantras, deities, et all.

God will change the game, God will change the game.

Keep repeating this!

4. Curse the Non-Cricket Fans!


Too. Much. Negativity.

Of course we don’t like the “oh cricket’s such a bore man why’d you waste your time watching someone hitting the ball?!”. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

5. Bleed BLUE!


Nobody cares if they looked like Avatars with their painted faces and blue jerseys.
Bleed blue is as good as the new black!

6. Standing Before TV Screens in Public places for Hours!


It’s almost as good as getting lucky and scoring a free pass to the match.
Also, the more the crowd, more the adrenaline level!
Can we ever forget the goosebumps we get when we scream “GOOOO INDIA!”?

7. Online Wars!


A four, a six, a rant or a rave?
Apparently, posting your views online supposedly means inviting the skeptic for discussion.
Good luck on winning that argument despite being armed with real facts and figures.
To avoid this, simply reserve judgement till the end of game!

8. Believing in All Possible Superstitions!


Lucky red shirt? Check.

Sitting in front of Tv? Check.

Need to get out of the room when a certain someone’s bowling? Check.

And the list could go on.

And because believing in superstations will definitely up the chances of India winning by a massive margin!

9. Being Extra Sweet to Wives Day Before the Match!


To keep the television remote all for themselves and some good food and munchies through the game, you need to lay some groundwork, don’t you? 😀 You can’t really blame your husband 😉

10. Unleash the Crazy Person Inside You!


Nobody cares about their cricket viewing etiquette when India deserves claps, cheers, fire crackers and much, much more!

11. Advertisements = Bathroom Breaks!


“I have a weak bladder” said no one ever during an Indian cricket match!

12. House = Mad House!

Want to study for an exam the next day? Tough luck.

Unless you have your room/home sound proofed.


13. Sorry Bro, You’re Unlucky. Please Stand Out!


Associating wickets, sixes and fours to a single person and giving a new meaning to superstitions! Haven’t we all done this at-least once?

14. “What’s the score ya? Score kya? Macha score enna da?”

Badgering your friends or anyone for that matter for the recent score update when you’re busy studying or held up with something else!

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