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20 Beautiful Pictures of Navagraha Temples

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The southern states of India, famous for its cultural heritage are home to numerous temples. Most of the temples in the south are as old as 200 years. These temples are well known pilgrim sites for tourists and other visitors. The unique architectural style of the temples are attractive and stand out.

navagraha temples

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Most of the southern states have temples which have the shrines dedicated to navagrahas.The major Celestial bodies of the Hindu astrology are named as Navagrahas. These bodies are known as Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala(Mars), Buddha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North lunar node), Ketu (South lunar node).

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According to the ancient writings, significance is attached on the positions of the nine planets in the twelve constellations of the zodiac. All miseries and obstacles caused by one or many planets are mitigated by chanting Gayatris relevant to the specific ill placement of any of these planets in one’s horoscope.  These nine planets are worshipped and each planet is represented as a deity. Special poojas are performed to these 9 deities called the navagrahas. All the Hindu temples have navagrahas placed on a pedestal say about three feet in height, usually to the north-east of the sanctum sanctorum.  Every deity has significance and power attached to it that Hindus have built temples specially for each deity in and around Chennai. Below is the list of temples which have the navagraha shrines, located in and around Chennai.

1. Sri Agatheeswarar– Sooriyanar kovil: As the name suggests this temple is dedicated to the Hindu Sun-God located in the Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu. The temple was initially known to worship Lord Shiva were the main deity is Sri Agatheeswarar.

Sri Agatheeswarar– Sooriyanar kovil

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This temple is listed on the top of the city’s cultural heritage. It is said that Sri Surya Bhagvan had worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple. Therefore the first body of the Navagraha, the Suryan idol is of prime importance here and is denoted by having a separate shrine of Suryan facing the west.

Sri Agatheeswarar– Sooriyanar kovil-2

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The scribes read out that this temple was built and rebuilt an ample number of times. The 10TH day of the Thai month (January-February) is celebrated as a major festival in this temple. It is known as the Ratha Sapthami. From this day, the sun rotates from south to north. Also seasons are calculated by the movements of the sun God. Huge number of devotees visit to worship the deities for relief due to the adverse effects of planets concerning their lives.

2. Somangalam Sri Somanaadheeswarar – Chandran kovil: The Somanaadheeswarar temple which is situated 35 kms away from south west of Chennai has the idol of the chandran navagrahasthalam. It was built around 1073AD in the ancient beautiful village of somangalam which also has the temple of Lord Shiva.

Somangalam Sri Somanaadheeswarar – Chandran kovil

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When Chandra bhagvan got cursed and lost his divine charm, he had to worship lord Shiva to gain back his wisdom and beauty. Due to this significance we can find the navagraha known for Chandran. The temple’s visit is admired by people for getting rid of marriage obstacles, progeny, and mental illness.

Somangalam Sri Somanaadheeswarar – Chandran kovil-2

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3. Poondhamalli Sri Vaidheeswarar – Mangala kovil: The navagrahasthalam for Anagaaragan is situated at Poondhamalli which is around 25kms from Chennai city. Sri Angaaragan’s foot mark is found just outside the sanctum under the palm tree and is designed on a stone. There are beautiful cravings on the either side of the entrance. The temple is also known for the special pujas that take place on Tuesday for Anagaaragan Bhagvan.

Poondhamalli Sri Vaidheeswarar – Mangala kovil

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4. Sundhareswarar – Sri Budhan: One among the well-known navagraha temples of Chennai is sundhareswara temple built beautifully by the cholas, which is located in the kovur village about 22 kms from Chennai.

Sundhareswarar – Sri Budhan

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Sundhareswarar – Sri Budhan-2

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The massive temple of lord shiva is worshipped for curing ailments of the devotees. The temple was constructed facing south with a beautiful 7 tiered rajgopuram.

Sundhareswarar – Sri Budhan-3

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5. Porur Sri Ramanaadheswarar – Sri GuruBhagvan: The ancient temple of Sri Ramanaadheswarar is located in Porur. It signifies the importance of the Ramayana period were Sri Rama worshipped Lord Shiva by taking a penance towards the lord for 48 days to recover from the dhosham.

Porur Sri Ramanaadheswarar – Sri GuruBhagvan

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 As shiva was pleased by Sri Rama’s devotion, this place came to be known as Guru Sthalam among 9 navagraha temples. This temple is equivalent to visiting Rameswaram. It is believed that those who are unable to pilgrimage to Rameswaram, can worship here and be blessed.

6. Maangaadu Sri Velleeswarar- Sri Sukran: According to the ancient history, Sri Sukran came to worship lord shiva. The lord then came to be known as Shri Bharagaveswara. The sukransthalam, one of the speciality navagraha temple is worshipped by devotees to be blessed with wealth, prosperity, good family, vehicles, fame and social status.

Maangaadu Sri Velleeswarar- Sri Sukran

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The deity looks huge and grand facing the east. The temple is found in Mangadu and the three temples – Sri Velleeswarar temple, Sri Vaikunda Perumaal temple and Sri KamakshiAmman temple are all connected.

7. Pozhichalur Sri Agatheeswarar – Shaneeshwaran: The ancient shiva temple belonging to the chola period with the idols of Sri Ageeteshwarar and Goddess Sri Aanandhavalli is located in Pozhichallur about 3 kms from pallavaram.

Pozhichalur Sri Agatheeswarar – Shaneeshwaran

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It is said that Shaneeshwar gained dhosham by giving ill effects to people and Shiva relieved him of his problems. That is when people started believing his power. The temple does not have rajgopuram and faces north. The Sani Bhagavan idol faces west towards the main deity. This temple is also a Parihaara Sthalam for Raahu and Kethu.

8. Gerugambaakkam Sri Neelakandeswarar – Sri Kethu: To reach gerugambakkam you have to travel 20 kms west from Chennai. The temple is devoted to Kethu sthalam and has a separate shrine facing the south.

Gerugambaakkam Sri Neelakandeswarar – Sri Kethu

During the rahu – kethu peyarchi, special pujas and hommas are performed to Bhagvan Kethu. This sthalam is also visited by people when they face ill effects due to the wrong positioning of the kethu in the horoscope. The turnout of people is increasing here.

9. Kunrathur Sri Naageswarar – Sri Rahu: Kunrathur has an ancient temple which is about 800 years old. This temple was built by the famous poet Sri Sekkizhaar.

Kunrathur Sri Naageswarar – Sri Rahu

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The specialty of the temple is marked by Rahu sthalam and is visited by people on Sundays during 4:30 to 6:00 pm known as the rahu kalam and also during rahu kethu peyarchi. The temple is also famous for its holy tree – Surya Pushkarni.

Kunrathur Sri Naageswarar – Sri Rahu-2

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The captivating temples of Tamilnadu are worth a visit for their beautiful architectural style. These temples are of prime attraction to the visitors. There are countless scriptures and art to be seen in these temples. Do have a visit with devotion to be blessed by the almighty.

captivating temples of Tamilnadu

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