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20 Best Places to Eat Pani Puri in Chennai!

Written by Team Urban Tree

One of the greatest pleasures of life is going for a quick pani puri snack. Who cannot love them after all? Pani-puri is the snack for every occasion. Pani Puris are known as “Golgappas” in Northern India and as “Poochkas” in West Bengal.

You have only 5 minutes to have a bite? Have Pani-Puri.

You have only 10 Rupees to spare for eating? Have Pani-Puri.

You need to hang out with friends? Have Pani-Puri.

You missed lunch and you are hungry? Have Pani-Puri.

You need something to save the world? Pani-Puri might do that as well.

The amazing mixture of the tiny puri, aaloo mix with salt, spice and everything nice may have originated in Magadha Region (present day Bihar) but in Chennai we sure know where we can find the delicacy. Out of the hundreds of eateries which serve pani-puri in Chennai, we bring to you the list of places in Chennai where you can find the best pani puri. These places might be worth your time and money. So sit back, relax, grab a plate of pani-puri and enjoy the ride!

1. Gangotree


One of the heavy weights and most prominent in the Chennai pani-puri scene, Gangotree has its presence in Cathedral Road, T.Nagar, Adyar and Express Avenue Mall. The menu contains an assortment of various fast food items, but to this day, pani-puri remains the often requested and recommended dish. Price starts at Rs. 50 per plate but why worry about the cost when the pani-puris are simply amazing?

2. Shree Mithai


Another well-known place in Chennai, Shree Mithai is present in Chetpet and Anna Nagar and is on the top of the “must visit chat-joint checklist”. The place offers variety of chats for you to try but, not so surprisingly, Pani-Puri remains the all-time favorite. The hygiene of this place is spot-on and a plate of Pani-Puri would cost you Rs. 30.

3. Hemanth Chats

Located in Vepery, Hemanth Chats is a dedicated chat center for all pani puri lovers. The ambience might not be the best, but the chats surely are. Costing Rs. 25 per plate, these chats offer good value for money.

4. One MB

Located in T.Nagar, One MB is more than just pani puri. You get an  assortment of chat items. The crowd favorite though is still the pani puri. The cost of all the amazing pani puri is just Rs.25.


5. Kakada Ramprasad Chats and Sweets


The jewel amongst the chat shops at Sowcarpet, this all in one eatery is home to some of the most delicious chaats in Chennai. It is always full no matter what time of the day it is. All thanks to the pani puri which is delicious to say the least. You can get a plate of pani puri for Rs.30.


6. King’s Vadapav

Located in the shopping district of Chennai – Purusuwakam, Kings Vadapav is a God-sent gift. Small in size, yet big on taste, the place offers all the delicacies a chaat aficionado could ask for. With a plate of pani puri costing Rs.25, this place is a must visit.


7. Ajnabee Sweets



What is life without a bit of rivalry? Located right opposite of King’s Vadapav, this eatery tries to one-up the rival by offering a gob smacking array of sweets and delicacies. The result of this rivalry though, is delicious pani puri. Costing Rs.30, this shop is sure to make your taste buds tingle.

8. Ganga Chats

Ganga Chats, located at Adyar, is another good place to have a mouthwatering chat. Although the provisions for seating is less, the good ambiance and decent hygiene makes it a good place to eat. The pani-puri here costs Rs.30 per plate.


9. Vaishnavaas’s Sandwich Shop


Located at Ormes Road, Purusuwakam, this eatery has a wide variety of food besides chat. The place sells the most tasty and yummy pani puris which cost only Rs. 20! The place is also Jain-friendly!


10. Chatpata Chat House

Chennai_Chatpata Chat house
Purasawalkam seems to be the place-to-go when it comes to Pani-puris and chat items! Chat Pata Chat House, true to its name, offers some of the most spiciest pani puris mankind has ever tasted! A plate of pani-puri costs you only Rs. 15 which might cool your tongue after all the spiciness!


11. Ganga Sweets

Ganga Sweets is at Velachery offers simple yet tasty pani-puris. If you are not in the mood for grandiose or a up-scale ambiance but just want to be alone with your pani puris, Ganga Sweets is the place to go! A plate would cost you Rs.20.


12. R.K. Sandwich Shop


This eatery, located at Triplicane, is a popular hangout spot for the locals. Offering great value for money, Rs. 15 would get you 7 pieces of delicious pani puri!

13.  Sri Krishna Sweets


Sri Krishna Sweets is located at the velachery bypass road and showcases one of the best ambiances around. With   ample parking space and spacious interiors, it is a good place to enjoy chat and Pani-Puri with your entire family. A   plate of Pani-Puri will lessen your purse by Rs. 30!


14. Pani Puri Stalls at the Marina Beach

No list is complete without mentioning about the beach and no visit to the beach is complete without munching         on the food that is available there. Beach side offers a lot of snacks and pani puri remains an all-time favorite. For       as low as Rs.10, you’d be getting 8 pieces of pani puri. Accompanied by the cool sea-breeze, a hint of romance and happiness, pani-puris at the Marina Beach are to be experienced and not just eaten!


15. Shri Siddhi Vinayak Sweets


This pani puri joint is at the New Avadi Road, Kilpauk and offers some really, delicious and spicy pani puri. Lovers of spicy pani puri should by all means visit this place! The place also offers Kachori, sev puri, dahi puri, pav bhajji and lots more. A plate of pani-puri will cost Rs. 30 but the taste and spiciness cannot be priced!


16. Kolkata chat at Alagappa road


Located at Purasawalkam, outside Cafe Coffee Day near Ewarts school, this place serves mouth watering pani puris that immediately transport you to the busy streets of Kolkata in just Rs. 20!
The next time you plan a visit to Kolkata, make sure you drop  by this place before making such plans! 😉

17. Sri Lakshmi Sweets and Bakery


Sri Lakshmi Sweets is located near Gill Nagar, Choolaimedu and is extremely crowded in the evening. One can see office folk grabbing a plate of pani-puri and “de-stressing” themselves with the help of crunchy and spicy pani puri. You can find 8 pieces of pani-puri in a set and each set costs only Rs. 25!


18. Kailash Parbat


This pani-puri place is located at Harrington Road, Chetpet with an amazing ambiance and mind-blowing pani puris. A set of pani puri will cost you Rs. 75 but the quality overshadows the pricing! Try this place when your wallet feels heavy and your tummy feels light!


19. Keshav Chats


Keshav Chats is located at the Vepery High Road and is a budget-friendly place. Go in the evening and you can see almost every school teenagers waiting patiently for their turn at the Pani-puri counter. The pani puri cost Rs. 30 and you can get 6 pani puris in one set. There are many more pani-puri joints right next to it, but Keshav Chats remains the favorite!


20. Rasoee



Whoever said that expensive food are the most tastiest has not visited Rasoee at Mint Street, Sowcarpet! Rasoee is famous for its pocket-friendly and tasty pastas and Pani-puri costs only 20 bucks! You can eat pastas, parathas, noodles and almost everything at Rasoee without having to sell your Granddad’s favorite Volkswagen Beetles since everything comes really cheap but with great quality!

Is your mouth watering after reading this list? What are you waiting for? Go out and grab yourselves some spicy, tasty and delicious pani puris right away!



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