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20 Questions to Ask Before Renting a House

Written by Team Urban Tree

When hunting for the best house for rent, you need to consider more than just the structure. After all, it is a big decision you will make for a place called “Home” and that should be just right for you and your family. To avoid any problem later make a list of questions you should ask the potential landlord and get it clarified. Regardless of whether you prefer a 1BHK, 2BHK or a duplex apartment, following 20 questions are must-ask before you sign a rental lease.

  1. How much is the Rent and the Deposit? – Of course it goes without saying; the first thing you will ask is the rent amount. Many house owners generally ask for security deposit depending upon the size of the house. Know how much it is and whether it is refundable.
  2. What is the due date for Rent payment and Late Fee? – Know your due date for rent and discuss the grace period and late payment fee. Also, know if you should make the payment by cheque or cash.
  3. Is maintenance charge included in Rent? – Maintenance charges are generally paid by the tenants and also changes according to building’s requirements. Make sure rent is all inclusive of maintenance charge.
  4. Am I allowed to Re-do the house? – We all want to live as we dream and rented house is no exception. So does your landlord have any restriction on getting some work done on home like a partition between living room and kitchen or changing doors etc?
  5. Do you have any guest policy? – Many landlord doesn’t allow guest for more than 2 weeks, ask him if he has any guest policy.
  6. How does Parking work? – Will there be any extra charges for parking allotted or would it be included in the rent? Will security guard deal with people who misuse the place? Ask the owner where your guest can do the parking during visit.
  7. Are there any building rules? – Rules such as gate closing time and no loud music after 12 etc are some rules buildings generally follow. Have a clear word about such issues.
  8. Does the house have pipeline for Gas? Gas connection is a major issue; ask your landlord whether the building is provided with pipeline facility or will you have to book cylinders?
  9. Are Utilities such Wi-Fi and Cable provided? – New buildings these days offer many utilities such as Wi-Fi and Cable connection, know if it is included in rent or how much it would cost otherwise!
  10. Does the landlord allow pets? – Whether you own a pet or planning to own, you must ask about pet policy. Most landlords have least and non-refundable fee for allowing pet, know how much would that be.
  11. Will he repaint and repair the house before renting? – Condition of house should be worth living, any clutter or damage must be cleared by the landlord. Ask whether he will repaint the entire house and fix the repairs required before you move in.
  12. Does he need any guarantor? – A landlord might ask for a guarantor if he feels you are on low income and may fail to pay rent. Also ask if he wants any co applicant to sign the lease.
  13. What is the notice period for lease withdrawal? – Landlord is allowed to set a notice period for which you can withdraw the lease, say for example, 2 months. But what if you have to move urgently to another place? Will charge any penalty for early withdrawal?
  14. How old is the building? – In India, any building that is over 25 years can go for redevelopment as a part of government rule. So know how old your building is and are there any redevelopment plans?
  15. What are the amenities provided – Modern buildings are loaded with amenities like swimming pools, kids play area, gym, service lift, senior citizen space etc. Know if they have any charges for using such amenities.
  16. Who does the maintenance work? – Ask if the building has a person or a team who is available to help during emergencies like dripping water from ceiling or fuse out. How quickly they reach?
  17. Is the landlord reachable all time? – You might want to reach the landlord for various discussions even after you move-in. So details like phone number, and address should be handy.
  18. What is the rent increasing policy? – Rent is normally increased 5% every 12 months; however it varies from place to place. Know how much rise to expect from the landlord if you wish to renew the lease.
  19. Is there is a security guard 24*7? – Having a security guard day and night is very important; he can stop unknown people entering the premises. Ask if the building has one!
  20. Is he giving everything in writing? – Ask the landlord to pen down every detail about renting policy on lease agreement. This agreement also acts as an address proof document, don’t miss on it!

Asking these questions will not only help you plan better, but will also give you a sense of how flexible the landlord is. So, understand what you are getting yourself into before signing the lease.

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