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5 Awesome DIY Homes!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Play tents and tree houses were our kind of DIY homes back then. These are pure nostalgia evoking our childhood memories. Most of us would have had these experiences for sure, even if it was simply building a little home out of our pillows on the sofa. But with the advancement of science and technology man has able to create actual DIY homes which are affordable, comfortable to live in whether big or small. The prospect of building a home yourself has become more realistic now, a good brain and a capable body is all you need. Here are some interesting DIY homes we came across:

1) Earthships



Earthships are probably the most popular type of self sustaining housing. They are beautiful and the best part about it is that they are built using eco friendly materials like tires for insulation, bottles, cans, plastic and almost anything you’d be able to find in a garbage lot. They are built all over the world but the building process requires a large amount of labor.

2) Hobbit House



Who wouldn’t love a hobbit house to live in?

One of the most famous examples of these magical hobbit homes is known as a “A Low Impact Woodland Home.”It was built in Wales and took just over 4 months to build and 3000 Euros.

The creator Simon Dale, used stone and wood that was around the property and used straw bales covered in plaster for the walls. The roof is covered in plastic sheeting along with mud and the roofing is of a grass landscape.

3) Cob Buildings



These houses are suppose to be able to last 500 years! The combination of the housing is made with clay, sand and straw which when combined is called ‘cob’. Once it dries, it’s extremely durable and is able to withstand fire and severe weather. A man in Missouri built his own cob for just $3,000.

4) Earthbag Buildings


Earthbags are cozy clay coves which are made with woven polypropylene feedbags that are then filled with dampened soil and compacted from above. They’re held in place by two stands of barbed wire and can be filled in place, eliminating heavy lifting. Earthbags can be an ideal alternative to cob in areas where the soil has a low percentage of clay, and they also make it easy to construct domes and other rounded structures. Like hobbit houses, they can be immersed with the landscape where they are built within hills.

5) Cordwood Buildings



Cordwood buildings are made from wood stacked firewood-style, and lots of mortar. Debarked logs ranging from 12 to 36 inches can be arranged into walls either in load-bearing round structures or in combination with post-and-beam framing.
Source: http://thespiritscience.net/2014/12/29/5-extraordinary-diy-eco-homes/

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