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5 Cushion Design Ideas to Make Your Living Room Look Interesting

Cushion Design Ideas
Written by Team Urban Tree

Your living room is supposed to be the most glamorous entity within your property! But every day wear and tear quickly veils it with a boring and uninteresting look. Slowly your living room (which has by now become a dumping ground for a variety of random stuff) becomes a room unfit to entertain guests! And when this happens, you are often looking around for solutions. We understand that refurbishing the living room can be a mammoth and costly task. So, we are here to offer a simple solution. The decorating solution you are looking for lies in redecorating your sofa, and more particularly the cushions sitting upon it. Cushions are the splashes of color your living room has been deprived of, for so long. With the right design ideas, your cushions have the potential to regain the lost glory of your living room. But, we understand that selecting the right shades and designs for your cushions can be a difficult task and one where many things can go wrong. Let us guide you through some cushion design ideas.

Tip #1: Mix and Match Works Best

There are many sofas that come with their matching cushions. This is such wastage of the potential! When the sofa and its cushions are of the same design and color, there is nothing attractive about them. Same colored cushions just blend in with the sofa and look like a bit of the furniture itself. So, if you are still using the default cushions that came with the sofa, now is the time to change it. You should start thinking about colors, next. Cushions work best when they contrast with the color of the sofa as well as the wall color of the room. So, choose a cushion shade and design accordingly.

Tip #2: Opt for Complimenting Color Palette

Living rooms are filled with different types of colors. If you think about it: there is a wall color, then there are different colors of curtains, there are also those gorgeous paintings adorning your walls. Of course, there are the coffee tables, vases and other furniture lying in the living room as well, with their own colors. This can give a non-cohesive and mismatched look to the living room. But a wise choice of cushion color can help you bring some harmony back into the room. You need to take a stock of each color that can be found in your living room, and decide on a matching color palette. So, rather than picking a single color, we would advise you to shortlist 2-3 color palettes. Once you have shortlisted them, it is time to think which of the color palettes would work best with the important elements of your living room.

Tip #3: Fix the Ideal Cushion Count

Now, that you have selected the colours, it is now time to think about the count of cushions that would go well with your living room décor. If you have a traditional décor in the room then opt for the even-numbered cushions. While livings rooms with modern décor, need to have odd numbered cushions. Just look around to decide – your living room’s décor type. The next question is: how many cushions do you need? The answer really depends on the size of the sofa. If you have a three seater sofa, then you can decorate it with as many as 5 cushions, while a two-seater can accommodate 4 cushions. In case of a one seater sofa, you should ideally stick with just one cushion.

Tip #4: Stay Flexible while Shopping

Okay, now you know which colour palettes suits your home décor. You have also got a good idea about the exact number of cushions to purchase. It is now the perfect time to hit the market. When you visit the shop, not only care about your finalized colour palette but also look at the ones you had shortlisted. Cushions come in a variety of colours and a single design might be adorned with multiple colours. Your best choice here would be to select a cushion that contains all your shortlisted colour palettes. The dominant shade of the cushion, of course, needs to be one that compliments the nearby wall shade.

Tip #5: Go for Different Shapes and Sizes

Most homeowners purchase cushions in the traditional sizes (18×18 inches or 20×20 inches) and shapes (square). Sticking to the norms makes your room look boring, so it is time to experiment with the shapes and sizes. One of the ideas in this respect is to buy two traditional sized cushions and a larger one, to bring in that x-factor. You can also buy three different shapes of cushions altogether. There are many shapes and sizes you can look through before finalizing your choice.

Now that you know, we hope you will have a great time helping your living room regain its lost appeal.

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