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Top 5 Green Colleges in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

Educational institutions today are huge in number. But only few stand out in standards of academics, culture and discipline. Colleges today are set up in a notion to accommodate more students and upgrade their educational standards. Little do they give importance to the environment a college has to be established. Engineering colleges and Medical colleges built away from city in huge lands alone will not provide a beautiful environment to incubate knowledge. A culture, a sense of oneness with the nature will acclimatize students to learn and explore their knowledge. It is true that colleges like RMK Engineering and JPR institutes and  work towards greener environment and better place of learning, my heart goes back to those colleges set up during early years in ecologically rich environment. Here’s a top 5 colleges which not only stands out for its academic excellence but for its unique scenic beauty.

1. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras)

The IIT-M is the 3rd to be set up among 16 institutes across India. The campus is spread over 620 acres and has 4 entrances on Adyar, Velachery, Gandhi Road and Taramani gate.

A walk into the campus will leave us spellbound with its spectacular beauty. The serene environment with now and then spotting of antelopes and deer is refreshing. 5 minutes walk beyond the gate will make you forget the buzzing city behind. The residential campus was formerly part of the adjoining Guindy National. It is said, the campus is home to wildlife that includes blackbuck, spotted deer, jackals, mongooses, monkeys, squirrels, toddy cats, wild cats, various types of reptiles, a plethora of insects including about 40 different species of butterflies and about 100 species of birds. In fact, Prakriti, a wildlife club was formed understanding the need to protect the unique biodiversity of IIT-M.

Since the time it has been established, it has been very actively cultivating various forms of art as well and every year Saarang, a cultural fest is celebrated culminating art, science and technology together. Until date, IIT-M has always been the leader to all the educational institutions. For maintaining its standards by all means, it still stands one of the top most colleges in Chennai.



2. Anna University

Anna University formerly known as Perarignar Anna University of Technology was renamed in the year 1978 after former Chief Minister of TN Mr. C.N. Annadurai. The university encompasses one of the oldest technical institutes in the world and has a history spanning 220 years. For years now, several managements have come and gone, all intended to keep the university clean and green. Number of students shot up as years came by, new departments opened, yet the eco balance is still maintained in the campus. Today, there are trees in the university campus that are more than 100 years old.

Anna University – Main Constituent Campus includes College of Engineering, Guindy, Alagappa College of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Madras Institute of Technology.



3. Madras Institute of Technology (MIT)

While talking about top colleges and scenic beauty we cannot miss on Madras Institute of Technology, a main constituent of Anna University today. Various states in India was setting up Engineering colleges as a step to build technologically strong Indians. Where all colleges were offering courses on Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, the futuristic Mr. C. Rajam founder of MIT spearheaded a whole new level of Technology at MIT. Aeronautical, Automobile and Electronics Engineering and Instrumentation Technology were the courses offered and MIT was first in India to have courses on avionics and mechatronics. The lush green campus, tall trees and long pathways is such a beauty to experience. Sure the students of MIT are gifted to experience advance technology in natural beauty.


Not to forget, our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is an alumni of MIT.

 4. Madras Christian College (MCC)

Another college in the city is Madras Christian College established in the year 1937. We all know MCC is one of the oldest colleges in the city but do we all know what was it before 1937. The campus rich in hundreds of species of flora and fauna is spread over 365 acres was developed on the campus before the college moved to Tambaram in 1937, a century after the Scottish missionaries started it as a college on Armenian Street in 1837. An English botanist couple, Edward Barnes and Alice Barnes, carried out the afforestation that has turned out to be today’s scenic campus.

A campus filled with rare species naturally started of with offering courses on Botany and Zoology, the campus itself is a big lab. The college also offers courses ranging from economics, media studies and social work to history and philosophy.



5. Kalakshetra: College for Performance Art

provides a holistic education in arts amidst a serene and inspiring natural environment cultivating a spirit of reverence. Initially Kalakshetra was set up in the grounds of Theosophical Society by acquiring lands in the village of Tiruvanmiyur. Yes, Chennai’s one of the most expensive area was once a village near State of Madras. Te Founder of Kalakshetra, late Rukmani Devi wanted to build a consortium aesthetic in appearance rich in culture and Indian in spirit where dance and music be learnt, explored and practised. For the love of Performance Art she planted a sapling of a banyan tree in 1951 and slowly building up hundred acres of land beside the sea. Gradually trees were planted on land stretch and Kalakshetra moved to its new campus in 1960. A campus visit to Kalakshetra will make one fall in love with art. One can witness students graciously dancing their heart out in unity when they walk in. Listening to the soulful singing of music students amidst the bird chirping and rattle of leaves will take you to a whole new world.


These greenery filled colleges provide a healthy environment for students to study and also spreads peace and happiness. When green colleges can spread happiness, wouldn’t it be lovely to live home set up in a healthy environment surrounded by trees without compromising on luxury living? Urban Tree properties, the first in Chennai to bring upon a balance on green living and luxury living. Call Urban Tree today and visit our properties built in green environment.

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