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5 Low cost security solutions

5 low cost security solutions
Written by Team Urban Tree

Security systems are becoming mandatory under the law in new and upcoming projects. It is important for you to invest in cost-effective security solutions for your home to keep at bay unwanted elements. You do not need to shell out a huge expenditure to install safety measures. All you need is smart and shrewd ways to monitor the movements at your place. You can order these systems from a trusted company online. Let us explore some super effective ways to protect your home that doesn’t cost much.

Motion detector:

You can easily find one that falls within your budget. Motion detectors are really effective if you fix them in the right place at home. They will help you identify if there are any unwanted movements in your vicinity. Motion detectors are a vital aspect of your security system as they are extremely dependable. It can pick up even the minute movements that you may not spot yourself. You don’t have to rely on your intuition if you feel something is amiss. Motion detectors can help you identify if there is any intruder in a jiffy.

Burglar alarm:

It is a simple yet very effective way of finding out if you have any intruders at your place. You can install and activate them according to sensory factors. This is your ideal choice if you are looking for a quick and low maintenance system. You can install this fairly simple system yourself by following the instructions that come with the package. Burglar alarms are quite versatile in their use. You can fix them on windows, doors or in the garage. They are sure to alert you immediately on intrusion.

Access control doors:

You should be in the position to monitor who comes in and goes out of your home. Access control doors provide you that safety feature where you can allow entry only to those you have called in. This system is simple and all it requires is an electric connection with your main door. You can grant entry to someone with the press of a button. This gives you complete control over who enters your home. You can watch who comes to your front gate and then press the ‘open’ button to let them in from inside your home.


A deadbolt mechanism is extremely useful for your home. It only opens when you use the correct key. Any incorrect key will not allow the bolt to retract making it more resistant than any other locks for your front door. Deadbolts are highly durable so you do not need to replace them often. The double cylinder mechanism is as safe as it gets for your home. So call you carpenter and make sure you install it!

Safe for keys:

Do you have the habit of throwing your keys around your home? If so, beware of intruders who can easily take them when you are not noticing. Make sure you place your keys in a secure lock so that any person who comes in cannot get their hands on your keys. Small number locks or fingerprint locks can serve your purpose well. It is easy to select one that is spacious enough and falls within your budget.

Securing your house is very important to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Simple measures are enough to secure your place. These cost effective methods fulfil their purpose without burning a hole in your pocket. You can feel secure and assured without having to worry about your safety. All you need is to take some time to implement these systems that require very little maintenance. Invest in your safety!

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