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5 Reasons Why One Should Demand 3D Architectural Model from Builders

Written by Team Urban Tree

Blue prints, drawings and sketches don’t give a clear view of how the building will actually look like. So it is necessary that we ask for a 3D architectural model from our builders so as to understand how the building will come out & how your dream home would look. Here are 5 reasons why we should demand 3D models from your builder

1. Wise Usage of Resources:

Men, machine, Money and other resources are vital and need to be used properly and effectively. So save all these resources it is important that the plan is properly drafted in a 3D model and executed only after all the things are considered. This will make the wise usage of resources to the maximum way possible. All the wastage will be elimated in this level itself.  The estimation of men to be employed, money to be invested and machines to be installed will be known with the help of 3D model which will give a fair idea & prediction for all the processes. Once the plan is ready, the execution phase becomes easy as everything is organized and clear. Both the client and the builder have a clear view of what is expected and what is going to be delivered once the project is ready.

2. Color

 The color that you need on your walls can be tested before finalizing. This is done by first testing your referred color on a small area in the 3D model and seeing if it goes well with the house. If it doesn’t,  then other colors can also be tested. This will help in understanding which color will be the best and looks good. Once the color is decided it becomes easy to buy other furnishing for your home such as curtains, furniture, mat and other things required to make it look beautiful & pleasing to the eye. This also eliminates any delay for your moving into your dream home too.

3. Saves Money and Time

3D models give a better perspective of how things will actually look once the house is completely constructed. Once the building is ready it is difficult to make any changes as it involves huge amount of money. The home owner’s investment will be wasted if the work is not upto to their expectations. The correction and any changes required are noted down so that the changes are made while making the actual building. This way the time of both the client and the builders is saved and further misunderstanding is avoided.  Both the builder and the client are clear about the final decisions, the money to be invested and the time to complete the project.

4. Better Interior and Exterior View

The main aim of 3D models are to get a better view of the interior and the exterior of the building.  Exterior is the important element in a building. It is what attracts and gives a look to the building.  Interiors are as important as the exteriors. The hall, the steps, the rooms and the wash room are very important. These are required to be perfect. So if you don’t like the doors then there is a chance to make the changes before the construction begins since it’s just a 3D model. 3D models give a clear image of how and where everything will be.

5. Detailed Understanding

3D architectural designs give detailed understand about every minute thing.  It helps to understand

  • The measurements of the kitchen, master bed room and rooms
  • How the room will exactly look like.
  • The doors and the windows in each room, so as to understand if there is enough space for the air to come in and go out. Proper ventilation.
  • The pipelines – Are they visible inside the house, if yes then what can be done.
  • To know how the design has actually come out.

So all the above details are seen in a 3D model clearly. It helps in comparing the actual model with the desired one. Any changes required can be done beforehand.  This might be little difficult when it’s just the drawing and blue prints with which the builder has to explain to the client in a way that the client is satisfied with the design.  Sometimes the design shown and the building constructed might vary, having a 3D model eliminates this hassle, hence 3D models prevent such situations which are difficult to handle.

These are the reasons why 3D models are important. Don’t forget to ask the 3D architectural models from the builder.


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