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5 Things to Never Say When Selling a Home

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Written by Team Urban Tree

Home selling is as big of a decision as home buying. While selling your home there are a few things that one must always be precautions about. Below mentioned is a list of 5 things one must be mindful of when selling a home.

5 Things to Never Say When Selling a Home

1. Never set unrealistic expectations

We understand that your house is precious to you and you value it above everything else, but that does not mean the buyers will share the same sentiment. Statements such as my house are the best house in the entire neighbourhood and other superlative statements will set unrealistic expectations that will sometimes not be matched by the condition of the house.

Every house that is on resale needs a certain amount of repair and renovation to bring it back to life. Unrealistic claims should be avoided at all cost in order to sell your house to genuine buyers.

2. Be discreet about the availability of your house

Your house is on the market for quite a few years but you haven’t found the right buyer yet? Never mention how long your house has been open to prospective buyers. This will set off a wrong message to prospective buyers and tricks them into thinking various possible reasons if the house is definitely worth buying. Your house might be in perfect condition with no flaw in it, but nobody wants to buy something that has no takers for too long.

3. Be discreet about the reason for selling your house—

Ever mention to your buyer the reason behind selling your house. if you are selling your house due to a financial crunch the buyer may try to take an advantage of your situation and offer low prices for your house. One should always be discreet about sensitive information and not let the buyer use it as an undue advantage in their favour.

4. Never try to find a loophole in your own house—

Every house could use some improvement to make it a better place to live in but stating such facts to the home buyer only calls for more trouble. Your buyer may be open to suggestions on how to make their prospective new house a better abode but the idea of extra expenditure may not go down too well with them. Of course, your house could use a renovation in terms of expansion of your rooms, hallway or may be refurbishing your entire living room; but such changes should not be proposed by the seller at the time of selling.

5. Quote your house realistically—

One must always quote their house realistically and not make judgements based on emotional attachments. Every home seller must check for the market value of their house and get it evaluated by real-time home inspectors. To get a better idea one can also check for the selling price of houses in the same locality. This will help them stay on the same page and understand property valuation according to current market standards.

Above mentioned are things that will largely impact your house selling approach and will influence your buyer to a very large extent. We suggest discretion and not manipulation of facts. A buyer needs to know what he needs to know, keeping him in the dark will only hamper your reputation as a home seller.

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