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5 Things We Do After Buying A New House!

5 Things We Do After Buying A New House
Written by Team Urban Tree

Buying a new home is one thing. Making it a home is another! Here are 5 things we usually do once we buy a home.

1. The establishment of Vinayaka or Lord Ganesha in the house (usually the God’s room) is done to usher in prosperity as Lord Ganesha is known to get rid of impediments and bring in success.Ganesha_Ganesha_Pooja_House_HouseWarming_Time

2. Cow has always been a sacred symbol in India since milk, curd, ghee come from the holy cow. Hence home owners worship the giver of nourishment before entering their new home.


3. The flower decorations that greets your guests in the front of the house and inside – near the pooja premises makes a pleasing sight for your guests.


4. The “homas” or “homams” or “agni pooja” is known to bring in positive vibes into your home. Furthermore, the hymns chanted by the pundits are said to fill your home with positive energy.


5. Boiling over of milk signifies the flow of prosperity, happiness and wealth into your home.


Tell us the ones you have practiced!

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