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5 Ways to Go Green At Home

Go Green At Home
Written by Team Urban Tree


Everywhere you go, people are talking about eco-friendly homes, going green and its significance to the environment. But why would you go green? From chemical products to plastic bags, people are looking for new but impactful ways that would make a difference. Going green at home is a personal choice made by a family to live a healthy lifestyle and contribute towards the betterment of the planet and the future. Going green these days has become relatively easy with the help of friendly structures that are available in the market. But there are a lot simpler things that you can do at home which would lower cost and make your homes eco-friendly. Here are a few ways that, if followed, would build you a green home.

#1. Going green by saving water

  • Having rainwater harvesting plantations in homes and in apartments is a great way to conserve water.You can also use this saved up water to wash your bike, car or clean your lawn if you have an independent home.
  • Shorter showers would help you save time and a lot of water.
  • Keep a regular check on the leaks in your home, especially in the toilets. It is said that a lot of water can be saved if all plumbing problems at homes are solved.
  • Don’t let the water running while brushing your teeth. It wastes quite a lot of water even if it is left running for a minute. Teach these simple tricks to your children as well.
  • Make use of a bucket when cleaning bikes, cars, and bicycles instead of running pipes.
  • Save on the water that is emitted by your air conditioners. Science says that water emitted from this is distilled water which can be reused.

#2. Going green by saving electricity

  • Replace tube lights and standard bulbs with CFLs as they use less electricity and last longer.
  • Ensure that you switch off all the electronic gadgets that are at home (like the printer, TV, computer etc.) during the night and not leave them on standby as they consume more power that way.
  • During the day, keep the curtains open and let the natural sunlight come in, rather than turning on the tube lights. This would not just say electricity but would also keep you healthy.
  • Every time you go out of a room make sure that the lights and fans are turned off and save on your electric bills.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to switch off the mains, the refrigerator and the inverter before leaving for a vacation.

#3. Go green by saving energy

  • Using renewable sources of energy like planting solar power plants, panels on the roof of your apartment or independent homes or having a small wind turbine in the backyard would put you in the league of those who would walk the extra mile to save Mother Earth.
  • Like how you plan for your shopping list you can plan on your fuel usage.  Remember to cover the cooking pans with lids as it would fasten the process. Limit the usage of your automobiles and opt for public transport or walk your way if it’s a shorter distance.

#4. Going green by saving smartly

  • Carpooling is the best idea to save smartly. In a city like Chennai, you can also choose Ola share, Uber pool or look for share autos while travelling a shorter distance and save money while reducing the pollution.
  • A car, when overrun, would consume more fuel than what is needed. Regular servicing of the car would help you and won’t be the cause of a hole in your pocket.
  • Think before you buy appliances which would consume a lot of electricity. These appliances are energy guzzlers and take a lot of installation space. The size that would fit the needs and save energy is to be found.It’s always good to invest in high-quality products than having to replace them frequently.
  • Buy refrigerators which have more than 4 Energy Star stickers on them. It saves energy and reduces the electricity bill.
  • When it comes to food try purchasing it in bulk as and when possible. It would save you time and also reduce cost.

#5. Going green by recycling

  • Use old towels as rags, empty biscuit tins to store jewellery, cookies etc. Think before you throw things away as a waste. Try to reuse it and not overuse it.
  • Recycle household stuff that you won’t need anymore.
  • Give the newspapers away for recycling and donate the books that are not needed.
  • Say no to plastic bags by using jute back. It is a way to give to yourself, a healthy and green lifestyle.
  • Recycling or donating electronics from time to time is also necessary. E-waste is known for containing mercury and other toxic substances which can be harmful to the environment.

Other than the above mentioned methods there are many other ways in which you can use the concept of recycling to make your homes greener. A lot of DIY’s are available online which can be looked into. Making the best out of the waste available would not only clear the waste out of your homes, it would also make your homes better.

People residing in your homes would save a lot of time if they start investing in conserving energy at homes today. Is your family up for the challenge of saving energy and making your homes green? Then follow these tips and tell us about your saving methods in the comments section below.

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