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5 Life Hacks For A Better Organised Apartment!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Organizing our homes take skill and above all patience. With these smart life hacks, organize your apartment in the best possible way!

1. Strategic Use of Tables

There is a rare chance that a home has just one remote. It’s quite usual in every home that remotes eat the maximum space at your coffee table. So, what do you do? Why not stick adhesive Velcro dots to the back of your remotes and place them on the sides of your table? Sounds great? Unless, ofcourse, you have children at home. Children tend to pull off your mobiles from the table while it is charging which can lead to damage (we can see most of you nodding your heads positively). To avoid such hassles, string your power strip inside the drawer and charge your electronics that way! (Note: Leave your drawer a bit open for ventilation)


2. Storage Hacks Over Doors

Let’s pull open your door for double duty. Like you place a hook for a bathrobe in your bathroom, a shoe organizer can be the best option as you can store a mix of lotions, creams, pastes and bottles. Also, make sure that you don’t over load the hooks.


3. Magnetic Strips are Brilliant

We tend to use magnets for different reasons like placing your coupons right at the sight of your eyes. Create a magnetic rack and place it on your wall. You can always use magnets to stick your hair clips, nail trimmers and other grooming tools in your dressing rooms rather than having a table or shelf just for it. To be even more efficient, buy jars with built-in magnets in the bottom. Now, place a stainless sheet over the magnetic rack that is already placed. Position the jars vertically and ensure to seal everything tight so that it doesn’t fall off.


4. Utilize Bed Risers

Making a storage unit in the place where you sleep by stacking storage boxes can be one of the best adoptable hacks if you’re a small apartment dweller as everything that is stored beneath your bed is hidden and saves much space. You can store things that you rarely use in this space.


5. Use Hooks Than Bars

Hooks helps you organize your stuff more effectively than bars do. Command hooks help turn any wall into a multi storage space without piercing unnecessary holes and you can unfix them anytime you want. Purses, handbags, hats, towels, ropes and all such things can be hung on the hooks saving much of your space in closets. See if you can install some peg boards over your kitchen walls to hang pans and pots as well!


There you go! Your space can now be maximized even with the minimum! 🙂 And yes, dejunking your home is an endless art! 🙂

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