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6 Differences between a Bachelor’s Home and a Family Home!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Bachelor life is fun, crazy and of course, awesome. But certainly there are some things that bachelors miss the most- the warmth of family! And when you stay with your family, your house looks a whole lot different. But when you stay alone or with some other friends, your house looks legendary!

There are obvious differences between a family’s home and a bachelor’s home. Given below are 6 clever illustrations showcasing the 6 major differences between the same!

Tidy Kitchen vs. Messy Kitchen




“If you are not using the kitchen, why do you need to clean it?” asked a bachelor. Surprisingly, these words actually make more sense than VIII grade algebra. A kitchen in a bachelor’s home is supposed to be untidy and is restricted to anyone who intends to visit it. A family’s home kitchen will be neat and stands witness to cooking of your mom’s tasty biryani!


Organized Shoe Rack vs. Untidy Pile of Shoes




Do you remember your mom shouting at you to keep all your shoes at one place? By the looks of a bachelor pad, it is evident that her words fell on deaf ears. A family home is a lot different in this perspective and shoes are sorted neatly in a shoerack!


Mineral Bottles vs. Whiskey Bottles




A family home has a mini treasure of water bottles whereas its the opposite at a bachelor’s home! A bachelor’s refrigerator is loaded with bottles of liquor (preferably beer).


Organized Clothes vs. Messed up Clothes




Bachelors are lazy, they said. In all fairness, bachelors are not lazy but care-free. Explains the huge clutter of unwashed and washed clothes mixed together into a humongous mountain in the living room! But in a family home, the moms work hard to keep the clothes organized and tidy!


King Sized Bed vs. Floor Mat Bed




Any bachelor living in a city far from home can easily relate to this. It is quite hard to get accustomed to hard and inconvenient floor mat beds after sleeping countless nights in your home’s comfy king-sized bed. Goes to show that nothing should be taken for granted!


Home Food vs. Pizza




When you live alone in a new city and you have no experience in cooking or simply don’t have the energy for that, do not worry because pizza is here for you. Pizza is a perfect example for food that can be eaten without feeling guilty and will take part in all your life’s struggles. And the moment you go to visit your family in your home town, you can finally feast on the delicious idlys, dosa, chapathi and pooris!


These 6 illustrations clearly sum up the life of a bachelor in a new city. Here is a shout out to all the bachelors who are studying or working in Chennai!

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