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6 Luxury Tree House Resorts in India for a Perfect Vacation

Tree House Resorts In India
Written by Team Urban Tree

Far from the mundane hotel stays and sightseeing, there are places where you can spend time with your loved ones. And these places are on treetops; where you have dreamt of living in, since your childhood, which has now become a fantasy or ‘to do’ thing for most.A tree house holiday is an escape from the city into the lap of the nature and wilderness of the jungles. In India, tree houses are delightful places to stay in, especially if you are a nature lover. They are spread across the country. From luxurious to eco-friendly and rustic, here is a list of tree houses in India where you can have your ideal, romantic and tranquil getaway.

#1. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

Vythiri Resort is an exquisite jungle getaway located in Wayanad – a mountainous region in Kerala, a state in South India. It offers a promising journey into nature’s wonderland as it is located beneath an enormous canopy of lush tropical rainforest. At Vythiri, you would be in the company of birds, mammals, amphibians, plants and butterflies. The resort is equipped with state of art amenities.  They have fabulous views of the resort and give an intimate experience of sights and sounds. They have 5 tree houses out of which one is childfree. The house contains all domestic comforts and is made eco-friendly.

Facilities: Spa, Ayurveda center, Honeymoon Pool Villa, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Health Club, Games Room, Swimming Pool, TV Salon and Kids Park


#2. Machan, Lonavala

Machan is a luxury eco-resort that has tree houses rising 30-45 feet above the forest. It is located near Lonavala in Maharashtra away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are looking for a serene place to relax and rejuvenate your senses then Machan is where you ought to be. The activities that can be enjoyed at Machan are Star Gazing, Trekking, Birding and Historical Sights.

Facilities: Open to sky bath, Guided nature trails & instructor-led yoga sessions


#3. The Treehouse Resort, Jaipur

A complete combination of comfort and contemporary is the Treehouse Resort in Jaipur. It is located at the foot of the Syari Valley which is 30 minutes’ drive from the Pink city of Jaipur and offers a stunning view of the Aravalli Mountains. There are a total of 10 categories of rooms, called as nests, to choose from. Some of the rooms of these tree houses even have tree trunks running through them.

Facilities: Jeep Safaris, Nature Walks, Swimming Pool, Bird watching, Night Safaris and Elephant and Camel Safari


#4. Carmelia Haven, Thekkady

Carmelia Haven is a stylish resort situated in a tea and cardamom plantation, close to village Vandanmedu. It is a half an hour drive from the Thekkady-Munar road. The tree house of Carmelia Haven welcomes guests who have an adventurous streak in them to embrace the natural beauty and its spectacular views. It is inclusive of all the state of art amenities and is built with a canopy of trees around it. 

Facilities: Coffee shop, Swimming Pool, Games Room, Kids Park, Ayurveda Center


#5. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Set amidst the dense forest of Bandhavgarh National Park is the eco-friendly tree house resort- Tree House Hideaway. This tree house includes 5 luxury rustic houses spread over 21 acres of land with eye captivating views. The best part about this hideaway is you can choose to go around looking for animals and birds in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve or you can spend undisturbed time in the intimacy of the room.

Facilities: Amenities equipped rooms, The Watering Hole (Bar cum longue in the dining area), and a machan overlooking the waterhole which is visited by animals.


#6. Hornbill River Resort, Dandeli

Hornbill River Resort is a fantastic location to enjoy activities in the thick forests of Dandeli. With stunning views of the forest, the tree house also has the serene Kali River flowing towards it. The sound of the cascading water is like an icing on the cake when it comes to Hornbill. This resort is sure to give you an experience that you would never forget.

Facilities: Swimming Pool, River Rafting, Trekking, Jungle Safari


At these tree houses you would only yearn for more all the time and would never want to escape the lap of Mother Nature. All you have to do is book the tree house resort of your choice, sit back and enjoy the most of everything that they have to offer.

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