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6 Quick Tea Time Snack Ideas For Lazy Days

Tea Time Snack Ideas
Written by Team Urban Tree

Tea-time is a ritual for most people, the time when they unwind, be it in the middle of the day or the end. It is the time when they relax, spend some alone time by themselves or in the company of their loved ones. A cup of tea, coffee, a glass of buttermilk, lemonade is a must in the hot summer days. And to perfectly complete your tea-time scene, with cups of hot or cold beverages, scrumptious snack is also needed. Depending on your choice of food you can choose to have snacks which are deep-fried, baked, light, heavy or fresh from the jar for your ideal tea time. To help you more with this we have compiled a list of 6 snack items that are easy to make for these lazy summer days.

#1. Ribbon Nada

Ribbon Nada is an authentic snack that is been made in the homes of South India families for generations. It’s a dry snack that can be also be bought from the stores, but making it at home would make it healthier. Making Ribbon Nada doesn’t call for any precision. It is made from mixing together rice flour, gram flour, and fried gram flour. The fact that it is crunchy, crispy, spicy and full of flavours makes it a perfect tea time snack. It can also be stored for days which make spending some time on preparing it worthwhile.


#2. BhelPuri

BhelPuri is undoubtedly the most common chaat and also the one that is the easiest to make. It is amazing how few ingredients, when mixed together, can create a delicious dish. The chutneys that are made for making BhelPuri are the game changers. Hence, your chutneys must be perfectly prepared. Mixing puffed rice with vegetables like onion, potato, cucumber, and tomato makes it’s healthier. Don’t forget to garnish it with coriander leaves, papadi, and Bhelsev.

#3. Cutlet

Cutlet is basically a stuffing of vegetables dipped in cornstarch mixture and bread crumbs, is fried and tastes best when hot and served with chutney. The vegetarians can use mash potatoes, onions, spices and chillies together and cook it. It’s almost like an AlooTikki and a great snack with hot tea. The non-vegetarians can make it with meat and the vegetables of their choice. According to your preference you can bake, deep fry or shallow fry your cutlet.

#4. Banana Fritters

Banana fritters is a snack where ripe bananas are sliced and dipped in a batter made of flour before deep frying it. It is fried till a crispy coating is received with softly cooked banana inside. The riper your bananas are, the tastier the snack would be. It can be garnished with black pepper or garam masala. It is best served when it’s warm with hot tea as it becomes chewy and soft, if left for long. Make your evenings sweeter with this easy banana snack.

#5. Bread Bhajji

Bread Bhajji is one of the most delicious recipes that is served in India with hot tea. It is easy to make, can be made spicy and is served with Ketchup. It requires bread mixed with simple ingredients and is fried. It hardly takes 10 minutes and can also be served when unexpected guests arrive at home. Garnishing with black pepper and garam masala makes it tastier. The same dish, when made with potato instead of bread, would become potato bhaji. So, do try your hands on both these dishes.

#6. Channa Sundal

A low fat, healthy South Indian snack that is majorly served during puja’s and religious festivals.Channa/Chickpeas are boiled and fried with spices. It need not necessarily be fried. It can also be mixed with vegetables and spices topped with curry leaves and chilies. This snack is easy to prepare, is brilliant for parties and best works with tea when you need energy. ChanaSundal is full of protein and fiber and also helps in losing weight.

Make your tea-time conversations more interesting with these snack items. Do try these dishes at home and let us know how they were in the comments below.

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