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7 Best BBQ Spots in Bangalore

Written by Team Urban Tree


Bangalore barbecues are known for its rich flavors that would give your palate a hell of a ride forever. Be it a gas or charcoal or even a smoker, Bangalore has got what you exactly need to perk up your dining time and there are plenty of restaurants across the city. We’ve summed up 7 of the best spots for barbecue in the city for you.

#1. Absolute Barbecues

Absolute Barbecues is spread across the nation in all important cities, taking barbecuing to new heights. The mouth-watering and delicious flavour is unprecedented and is to die for. They offer you a lot of varieties that will leave you stumbled upon to stick to one. The ambiance is too good to be explained, but once you gulp the food, you’ll feel the senses of your tongue more than ever before. If you feel, we’re just exaggerating it, go and try once!

Location: 3rd Floor, 90/4, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Near Park Plaza Hotel.

#2. Barbecue Nation

This place will give you the original taste of the barbecues that you crave for. Barbecue Nation is known for its live counters where chefs whip up the food you ask for, right in front of you, making you feel wanted. The soft meat that melts off the bone will make its own way to your taste buds. The tastefully designed interiors, the live music along with the smoky grills would give you a soulful experience overall.

Location:  4005, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar

#3. 100ft BBQ Lounge

Planning to treat your tummy with yummy barbecues while you don’t  compromise on sophistication and comfort? 100ft BBQ Lounge is the right choice! The entire atmosphere is scented with liveliness making you dwell in a zesty mood yet giving a composed environment for dining. The spicy barbecue wings, the crispy barbecue prawns, the chef’s special dum chicken briyani and their entire menu that lists from North Indian to Continental is sure to give an everlasting sensation to your nerves.

Location:  No 45, 17th Main, 100 ft Road, Opp. Shanthi Sagar, 4th Block, Koramangala,

#4. Zingron – Naga Kitchen

Zingron has earned its own fan base, especially for its smoky pork ribs. It is smeared with the red-hot chili paste that sets off your taste buds on a ride. If you’re someone who falls for North-eastern flavours, then this profound restaurant is one distinctive place. The rice infused with beer has unparalleled taste and is one dish that you shouldn’t miss! The Naga kitchen falls no short when it comes to serving the Naga tribes.

Location: No. 62, 2nd Floor, Solitaire Cascade, 1st ‘A’ Main, 7th Block, Koramangala

#5. The Only Place

The Only Place has got a picnic sort of ambiance to it with neat and simple tables that would probably give you a friendly welcome. The whopper burger is the king of their menu that is cooked to excellence. The meaty-juicy-tasty grease steaks are irresistible. Go to The Only Place and have a pleasant dining time with your family.

Location: 13, Museum Road, Behind Post Office, Richmond Town.

#6. Toit Brewpub

Toit brewpub is the best place in Bangalore for a brewpub experience that goes by the name – ‘Toit’. Their signature dish Toit steak explodes in your mouth with different flavors in every bite. Perfectly served with creamy spinach sauce, this dish will surely leave you coming back for more often. Built with a revolutionary culture of brewing, Toit brewpub serves excellent food with insolent brews.

Location: 298, 100 Feet Road, Near KFC Restaurant, Indira Nagar II Stage.

#7. Plan B

Plan B definitely deserves to be in Plan A for those who are on the look for a soothing dining spot. The wall of fame with the rustic interiors adds more classiness to the overwhelming ambiance. The chicken wings, the lucy burger, and the nachos del sol are all to die for. The relaxing and the oh-so-good atmosphere will not disappoint you. So do give it a try!

Location: #13, Rhenius Street, Next To TV9 Office, Richmond Town.

Now, go and plan a date with the best restaurants in Bangalore that serve the best barbecues. Delight your senses with the succulent and unbelievably delicious dishes and let us know your liking in the comments section below.

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