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7 Quick Breakfast Options You Don’t Want to Skip Anymore

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The history dates back to eating healthy heavy stomach filling breakfast, but these days, there’s hardly any time for that. With crazy busy schedules and corporate culture, people have time just to grab a bite. And most of the times that it is also some roadside snacks or tasteless, oil dipping snacks. Since this is the most important meal of the day, it’s necessary to know that we can’t skip it and that it has to be healthy. There are a lot of quick and deliciously healthy meals that can be made even for breakfast.  And to help you with this we have curated a sensational breakfast menu for you. It would provide you with the right nutrition would be easy to make and would ensure that your day is made.

#1 Poha

The favourite staple breakfast of India, poha is basically flattened rice mixed with a few other ingredients. It’s one of the easiest meals to cook, which when having time can be made with a lot of vegetables (Onions, Potatoes, Peas & Tomatoes) to make it healthy. You can garnish it with coriander leaves and grated coconut and even add roasted groundnuts to make it tastier. It would require a total of 20 minutes of yours. Ensure that wet it in water once before frying it. You can also try cooking milk poha recipe which would require less than 10 minutes.

#2 Upma

Upma is another easy to cook breakfast option which would require Semolina(Rava) and 15 minutes of your time. You can add onions, carrots, tomatoes, curry leaves, aromatic nuts, peas and urad dal to make it healthier. Garnishing it with coriander leaves, grated coconut would make it a mouthwatering morning meal. You can also make tomato upma or oats upma if you want to try something new. Upma can be eaten with curd, pickle, podi, or even plain. Balance it with what you like the most.

#3 Dosa

A traditional South Indian breakfast dosa is made with rice batter and ground lentils. Preparing dosa batter at home can take some time. You can prepare it on a Sunday and when free and then refrigerate it for the days to come. Once the batter is prepared, making dosa’s become super easy and quick. If you don’t have time to prepare the batter, you can always purchase packed batter from provisional/grocery stores. A lot of varieties of dosa can be made. You can side it up with tomato, coriander, onion, chutney and podi. A better and healthier option would be wheat or oats dosa. It would require the same about of time and would taste better.

#4 Uttapam

Uttapam is usually made with idli or dosa batter, but they can instantly be made with ravaas well. They are easy to make and hardly requires any time. You can also make oats uttapam for a healthier and better option. You can top your uttapam with onion, tomatoes, coriander and curry leaves. To make the whole process of making uttapam even tastier you can just mix in all the vegetables in the batter and then spread it on the pan. Uttapams are made exactly like dosas, takes the same amount of time and is considered as an option that you can choose to have when you’re bored of dosas.

#5 Idlis

Idli is the tastiest and healthiest breakfast which traces back its origin to South India. Today it is famous not just in South India but is made in all parts of the country and is considered as one of the best breakfasts options of all time. They take a total of 15 minutes to prepare if you have the batter ready in hand. You can even try instant oats/rava idlis if you are looking for a better and much healthier option. The batter can also have vegetables like carrot, beans, in it to make it tastier.

#6 Paratha

Paratha is another great breakfast option. But, if you are a beginner it might take some time. There’s a variety of paratha’s that can be made, sided with curd and pickle. Paratha’s are famous in North India and are eaten as a heavy stomach filling breakfast loaded with lots of butter. Depending on the time you have in hand, you can make the paratha of your choice. If you want to make your paratha healthier stuff it up with vegetables and use less oil. Another option for a balanced meal would be having egg paratha’s or paratha’s with a quick egg salad.

#7 Sandwich

Bread is that one simple and compatible food item that can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Toast it up or eat it dry, the choice is yours. You can carry this in a box if you’re getting late. The best thing about sandwiches is that it doesn’t get bad for at least an hour or two and takes a maximum of 15 minutes to be prepared (both depending on what is put in it). There are varieties of sandwiches that can be made with varied kind of sauces and vegetables. For a healthier option, regular bread can be replaced with wheat bread.

Breakfast can either make your day or break it. A lot of people out there don’t understand the value of it and depend on junk. Choose your options wisely and get healthier!

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