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7 Quick Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive in an Affordable Way

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Written by Team Urban Tree


As to how food is the essence of our survival, so is the kitchen to a home. Can there be a day in our lives where we never have a reason to enter the kitchen? No, for we’re always drawn to it. Hence, let’s call kitchen ‘The Heart of our Home’ a place where our day starts and ends. Here are some quick tips to transform this magical place to make it look expensive. When you don’t want to compromise on the health of your family, why compromise on the style? Read on to know how you can quickly make your kitchen look expensive in an affordable way.

#1. Play with the colour palette

To keep it simple, yet elegant, choose colours that are slightly muted. Go off the primary colour shades and try to convey a luxurious vibe. If you’ve got a visual interest, you can always incorporate multiple textures by choosing two or three close colours and playing with it. Having some variations like a matte finish, high-gloss and raised patterns will further add a rich accent to your space.

#2. Lighting Tricks

From ‘simple’ to ‘fantabulous’, lights can lay the way. The plain and boring lights are not meant for the rich looks. So, do not to pick dim or outdated lighting fixtures. Be it an ultra-modern light fixture or a classic chandelier; let the choice reflect your personality. Layered lighting is the thumb rule here. Purchase affordable light fixtures that give a gorgeous look. It will definitely elevate the status of your kitchen.

#3. Sleek Hardware

How aged are your handles and knobs in the kitchen? Why not pick up a new style? Kitchen hardware is like earrings because they upscale the elegance of the space more than anything else. Changing them are not costlier, trust us! A sleek and clean handle will add richness to a great extent. Also, replace the old and boring faucets to enhance the look as they’re available in all price ranges. Maintain a consistent look in the finishes and you’re done.

#4. Style up with stainless steel

Surface your entire kitchen with stainless steel for a high-end feel. Don’t worry, if you can’t afford those appliances. We still have a way for you to get that stainless steel look with the current setup. Just give a stainless steel finish to your fridge, dining table, drawers, handles, and dishwashers. This way your budget is not way too shaken.

#5. Floor it right

Vinyl is the easiest and cheapest flooring material if your subfloor is in a really good condition. Plywood flooring is the next best option. It will create a look-alike of wide plank hardwood flooring at a very minimal cost. Once installed, sand it and paint it wise. Never throw your money on wood flooring as it will easily get dented. Stay within the budget and make right choices to have a fabulous kitchen floor.

#6. Wall Art

Artwork is the best way to elevate the look of any room as it will render the illusion of a bigger space. If your kitchen wall has some old-still-fruit paintings, take them off. Try something big and bold. Go lavish with options like abstract works, wall murals, subtle wall decals and framed landscapes.

#7. Hide small objects

Less cluttered goes synonymous with expensive. Always ensure the counter space is clear without small appliances like blenders and toasters. They are easy to hide and easy to take whenever wanted. For those ‘come and go’ items, find one spot and stick to it. When you commit to a permanent storage space for as many items as possible, you’re almost done.

Yes, little details like these do go a long way in making your kitchen look expensive. Share this blog with your friends and relatives and let them all feel rich in an affordable way.

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