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7 Tips for working women to stay fit

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Busy working women in recent days rarely get the opportunity to maintain their body and health. It’s not that they don’t have time for it; it’s just that between family, kids, household chores, and job, women have very little time left for themselves. Now that we are here, it’s time to bid goodbye to your hectic day-night schedules and say hello to the new healthy you. You may ask how can a working woman stay fit?

Thoroughly read this article as we give you some quick fitness tips for women to stay fit and healthy.

#1 Walk every day

Let your blood get pumped! Avoid using the elevators whenever and wherever you can. Walking through the stairs will certainly burn some calories without any extra efforts and it’s quite easy. Nothing can be accomplished in one step and hence gradually increase the number of steps you climb every day and also set a goal for yourself for every week. It’s simple and doesn’t eat away your time too. Also, whenever you find the time, even if it’s in your office, walk around.

Pro Tip: You can have a Pedometer to track how many steps you take in a day.

#2 Let exercising be on priority

Small adjustments here and there in your daily routine can really make wonders to your body if you desire to. Never sit in a place for a long time. Keep moving around for at least 5 minutes every hour. You can even stretch your hands and legs and do a small exercise at your office desk every day.  A 5-minute quick cardio work-out once you reach the home is advisable than heading straight to the couch.

Pro Tip: Make your home a gym and enjoy the daily chores work out.

#3 Eat smart

Always keep an eye on your caffeine intake as it would dehydrate you quickly. Pack some healthy snacks from home to your office and avoid eating junk meals with high-calorie content. Ensure your diet has enough water intakes. Include items that are rich in vitamins and minerals, as they tend to improve your mental performance. Home-made food is the only form of a healthy diet that serves your wants and needs.

Pro Tip: Many of us leave empty-handed in a morning hurry hence it’s good to pack some healthy snacks the night before.

#4 Sleep really well

A good 6-7 hours of sleep will boost your immune system, memory power, improve your mood, and give you a heart health. So, never skip or reduce the sleeping hours for it may affect your entire health routine.

Pro Tip: Get some essential oils, vaporize them and rub them on your skin to get a better sleep.

#5 Be more flexible

Whenever you start anything, it is advised that you stick to it at least for 2 weeks to get that into your routine. But, not just sometimes, many times, it’s okay to miss out on a planned work out. Make up your mind to do something alternative, anytime in the day whenever you get time. If you have an early morning meeting scheduled and if that disturbs your morning work-out in the gym, then start little early from home. Finish the gym and get to the meeting.

Pro Tip: Don’t disappoint yourself by trying to stick on to a definitive timetable. Work out and relax whenever you can.

#6 Write down your progress

Make a report card of your fitness progress for more motivation. Give yourself some grades as you climb forward and red marks whenever you fail to do something. Draft a schedule and follow it up every day. This will help you go with the flow and catch you tight on the track. You grow up much better when you’re your own teacher.

Pro Tip: A motivational self-talk can significantly improve one’s mental and physical health.

#7 Being more App-y will not make you Happy

The weight loss app, the staying fit app, the weight gain app are all not as beneficial as you think. If you’re a techie person, you can use them to share your progress and get feedback from other users. But, completely relying on a developed scheme for a lifestyle change without knowing your body needs is strictly not advisable.

Pro Tip: Consult a doctor if you still plan to use an app to identify if it will really benefit you.

Let not your focus be on reducing weight or gaining weight. Because, once you fix that, you’ll ultimately land up gaining the reverse. So, let the target be on maintaining a healthy and fit body by picking the right diet. As everybody says, do not hurry for the results.




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