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7 Unique Ways to Tell Your Valentine “I Love You”

romantic valentines day ideas
Written by Team Urban Tree

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, it’s an incredibly beautiful time to shower your loved ones with gifts, but that’s not the only way to showcase your love (at least not on a Valentine’s Day). Lavish gifts do attract men and women but the undeniable truth is that most of us prefer quality time and affection over gifts. So, let’s skip giving lavish presents this year and find out ways that can make your relationship delve into a game of affection.

#1. Couple Spa

If you both are in the throes of early romance, and can’t bear to stay separated, couple spa is the best choice. When you share everything, why not a message? All the couple treatments are exquisitely designed with romance in thought and every section of the spa will reassure you both have a great time together. Get on a romantic date this year by disconnecting yourself from the world and reconnecting with your soul mate. Gift some quality time together and see your relationship growing.

#2. Flash Mob

When everybody else is going about their own business in a public place, imagine taking your loved one truly surprised by hiring a flash mob. We are all literally running a mad race these days with our hectic lifestyles. So, hiring a flash mob is the easy-peasy way to leave your valentine awestruck. If you love them more than what we think, then put some efforts and gather some of their best buddies and organize a quick and quirky flash mob in one of his/her favourite places.

#3. Candlelight dinner

While all the romantic restaurants in the town are getting crowded the hopes of having a romantic dinner, on the V-day with your mate in the solitude of your home may be the only option. But, is there a better place to express your love than in the comforts of your own den? Dim the lights, put up some fairy lights, set the mood with some soothing music, prepare his/her favourite dishes or you can also order from online. Keep your menu simple and be sure you don’t experiment with new dishes. Set a romantic candlelight dinner just for the two of you.

#4. Drive and Drive-in

A long drive away from the hullabaloo of the city is all that is needed to catch up on your relationship and everything about your life. After all, the best way to express your love is by giving them some quality time. And, why not plan a drive-in movie together? An outdoor movie with your loved one on your V-day can turn into the memorable date ever. Theatres usually show romantic-classic movies on this day and watching them from the privacy and the comfort of your own car with your love by your side is the best we would suggest.

#5. DIY Gifts

Show not some but a lot more love straight from your heart to your loved one with customised gifts made by you. Give your love a much-needed boost this V-day, with DIY gifts for him/her. Put on your artistic gloves and think out of the box. You know what? Nothing ever can say “I love you” better than a creative gift that you’ve handmade for your soul mate. You certainly know she/he loves the most and what surprises them. Plan ahead and shower them with your love.

#6. Count Down to V-Day

How about making every day from February 1 to 14 special? Send one goody each day in a surprising way. It need not be expensive because the little efforts that you make to surprise your loved one is all that matters. So, it can be anything from an iced-brownie or a personalized gift or just a love card. On seeing what he/she receives each day, they get to know how lucky they are to have you and they would eagerly foresee the final day. It is fun to plan for each day and the happiness you see in them will make your day. If you had missed planning on Feb 1, it can always be planned in your way as “10 days of romance” or “12 days of romance”.

#7. Recreate Romance

If you don’t have a thoughtful gift idea in mind or haven’t planned for anything, create a last-minute Valentine’s day video that features your best moments. It is always amazing to, step back, take time and think about the years of love that have gone by. Or you can always make them feel special and loved by framing your best pictures that beautifully portray your love story. This is definitely a lovely way of recreating memories.
When love is hard to put into words, ideas like these come pretty close to heart. All you need on V-day is love and just love. Spice up your love life this Valentine’s day in a new way and let us know how your loved one felt.
Lovebirds, be ready! Valentine’s Day is on its way!

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