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8 easy to grow vegetables in your garden

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Looking for a gardening guide or ways in which you can start your own small homegrown vegetable garden? Then the first thing to know is that gardening doesn’t have to be a hobby; neither does it require you to have a green thumb. All you need is a small space in your backyard or maybe your balcony to grow a bounty of fresh vegetables for your family. Growing vegetables at home would mean fresh flavours and healthy vegetables. Given below are a few foolproof vegetables that you can grow in your garden, which would require least amount of your time and hardly any efforts.

Also, if you’re a Gardner or someone who does gardening at home as a hobby, then check out these easy to grow vegetables and get growing!

#1 Beans

The advantage of growing beans is that it can be grown throughout the year and of any variety. Most of the beans require full sunlight and well-drained soil. It is important that you keep in check the growth of roots. Beans provide a lot of nutrients and are good for vitamins A, C, and K. It’s a healthy vegetable which is known for its crunch and flavour. A few seeds every week would give you a great harvest for months.

#2 Carrots

Be it raw or cooked, carrots are delicious and an essential item in the plate of salad. The more water you pour, the healthier the plant will be. If you’re looking for longer carrots then ensure that the pot is deep and does not have rockier soil. Whole carrots can be easily grown in the ground also. The best idea would be deep, drained soil. Most of the vegetables would require proper sunlight, but a carrot plant survives even the light shade. Carrot is considered as the best food for vitamin A, aids in maintaining a good vision, a great healthy skin, and immune system.

#3 Potato

Potatoes are another easy and fun vegetables to grow. The best time to grow potatoes would be in late February and March. You would require a pot that is 12 inches and a lot of water. When planting the potatoes and also during the process ensure that all the stems are in the soil. You can also grow it in potato bags that come partly filled with compost. Later, you would just have to rip the bag and rummage for your homegrown potatoes.

#4 Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home is an of great advantage. It is one of those vegetables that is needed in almost every dish that we cook and it can be grown throughout the year. It is also that vegetable whose prices keep going up most of the times. So, growing it at home would be a better idea. Being one of the easiest and quickest vegetable, it’s perfectly ideal to be grown even by your kids. Tomatoes can be grown in any size garden in containers or hanging baskets where they can get a lot of sun. You can also start with smaller varieties of tomatoes like cherry tomatoes.

#5 Coriander

Coriander like tomatoes is an annual vegetable herb which is mostly used for dressing a dish. It’s a herb which requires hardly any maintenance and is easy to grow. You can make use of recycled tins or cans to grow coriander and fill them up with soil. You would have to make a drain hole at the bottom of the can and if you can’t fill it with gravels. Once you have put the crushed seeds in the can, cover it with soil, pour water, and then forget about its existence. Just ensure that it gets enough sunlight.

#6 Cucumbers

Cucumbers require a lot of sunlight, warm temperature, and regular watering for its growth. They grow like a weed and in a larger number. The can be best grown in small spaces and containers. Other than being a great addition to your salads, cucumber tastes well even when cooked. A slice of cucumber is almost equivalent to a glass of water which is just another benefit.

#7 Lettuce

If you are planning on growing vegetables in containers then the best choice would be lush green lettuce. The size of the pot does not matter. All you need is seeds and some fresh fertile soil which has to be kept moist. Lettuce is an easy homegrown vegetable which would work as a great addition to your salad or sandwich.

#8 Mint

Like coriander, this is another vegetable that you can grow throughout the year. It can alternatively be grown as mint and coriander together in a container as well. You can use it fresh when picked up from the plant or freeze it in ice cubes and use it when needed.  Because this vegetable can grow in any moist soil it’s more handy and easy.

Remember, that dumping the seeds of these plants in soil and walking away won’t help. For these to flourish into good and healthy vegetables you would have to water them regularly and spend a little of time and effort. With these 8 vegetable plant growing techniques, you would have a healthier harvest this season. Also, the more you garden, the more you grow.

It is time you start growing your ‘own not so complicated’ garden now! So when are you starting to grow?

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