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8 Tips to Decorate Your Home with Fairy Lights This Festive Season

Written by Team Urban Tree

Festive seasons are never complete without fairy lights. You might have millions of ideas to decorate your homes with like- wall decals, furniture or some signature pieces. But, highlighting them with the right lighting is essential to add more jazz to the festive mood. Adding more lights than usual is an artwork and the beauty lies in the details. The arrangement ought to be drafted remembering the outline and the capacity of the room. Here are 8 easy-peasy ideas that will brighten your homes this festive!

#1 Chandeliers

No, they’re not as expensive as you think! You can actually make one at home with a hula loop, by winding some fairy lights around it and hanging it as a cluster. If you’re planning to invest in one, you’re good to go with multiple small chandeliers for a quirky look instead of hanging one in the middle of a room. Besides providing a good ambience, it will also render a vintage glamour. They can be hung anywhere in your home like in the– living room or dining room or bedroom or even in the bathroom. Trust us, it adds elegance!

#2 Bottled Lamps

It is one of the savvy approaches to enlighten your home. Pick some string lights and take those empty wine bottles lying around the home or mason jars. Bundle the lights together, put them into the bottle and give your home a festive charm like never before. You can also fill them with some fake snow and tiny trees for Christmas. You can either choose to hang them in numbers or place them on a side table to create unique corner lighting.

#3 Light Drapes

String lights (dim ones) will make your bedroom cosy and serene. Drape them over your bed and feel it, before you doubt this idea. Also, the intensity of fairy lights can’t be quite too bright for hanging in a room. So, drape it around your bed hangs or hang it behind a curtain in your hallway.

#4 Pendant Lights

Instead of displaying reading lamps atop bedside, try hanging some pendant lights through poles or chains from the ceiling. Pendants will add a glam look to space while also freeing up some space. If you’ve placed interesting wallpaper or a wall decal in an unnoticeable space of your home, then hang a pendant light there. You can also make a statement piece with some quirky pendants.

#5 Wall Lights

Is there an empty white wall in your home? Why not add some sparkle to it? Let’s do it with wall lights. Pick some of your favourite family photographs and hang them in a string of fairy lights. Make use of either paper clips or clothespins but be sure that they look classy. After this, all you have to do is weave your little lights back and forth around these pictures.

#6 Dimmers

Dimmers can lower the brightness of a light. Instead of playing with too many lights for day and night, just replace your switches with dimmers.  They’re not only easy to install but engulfs many more advantages like they are energy saving, cheap, good for your health and for the environment as well. Do not restrict the dimmers to hallways and dining halls alone, because they go well in any space of your home.

#7 Marquee Letters

A marquee is a structure of letters placed over the entrance of a home, hotel or a theatre. Once made, this can remain as a showpiece all year around. Though its preparation eats away your time, you’re not going to regret it as it will be of the best kinds. It can either be displayed on a level surface or be made to hang from a wall.

#8 Ceiling Lights

Fairy lights are most sought-after for their beautiful array of strands. It will make your hallway 100 percent magical for sure, giving that enlightened look of your home to the guests. The fairy lights will definitely look like twinkling stars over your head, creating a lustrous atmosphere. Add a wall of lights and zig-zag them across the room.

Infuse your home with sparkling fairy lights and welcome some magical ambience to your living space. Let your home shimmer like the stars this festive season. Know more ideas about decorating homes with fairy lights? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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