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8 Ways to Protect Your Dream Home This Monsoon Season

Written by Team Urban Tree

After a blazing summer allied with high humidity which left you all sweaty, comes the chill and frigid monsoon with sprinkles, guaranteeing the joy of relief. Since monsoon is here to stay (for another 2 or 3 months at the least), are you sure your dream home is ready to take the toll? Homes become more vulnerable during monsoon season and it is highly crucial for you to protect your homes from the ravages caused by rains.  So, we are here to help you ease your headache of protecting your home from monsoon rains with the following 8 quick tips:

1. Roof Check


rain 1


When there is a crack on the roof, it leads to interminable dribbling inside your home. So, it is better to call in for the professional’s help to check and fix the cracks and chinks that are present on the roof. You can also provide a rainfall coating over the roof so that the rain water doesn’t ooze in.

2.  Wall Cracks


rain 2


Another important check to be made is the walls of your home. When the rains affect the exterior of the walls, it damages the walls thus paving the rain water to seep in and cause cracks. It could even result in the fungal growth, thus putting your family’s health on stake. This can be prevented by painting the walls with water proof paints and continuous monitoring of the walls twice a year.

3.  Check the pipes and outlets


rain 3


Do not be careless about pipes and outlets because they serve as a dwelling place for mosquitoes and other insects. It is highly recommended to check for clogs in the pipelines and unclog them. Don’t forget to seal off the pipeline leaks. The outlets needs to be cleaned then and there to make sure the home is pest-free.

4.  Proper Ventilation


rain 4


Are there any dank areas in your home?  If yes, then it is mandatory to provide a proper ventilation so that your house don’t stink with the unpleasant scent of the damp monsoon rains. Make sure the excess moisture inside your home is eliminated.

5. Check for the faults in electrical based things


rain 5


You need to make sure that all the electrical fittings are faultless before the outbreak of monsoon. When rains hit the defective electrical fittings, it can cause enormous damage right from voltage drop to power off. It is vastly preferred to call an electrician and fix things such as loose wires, old broken switches and other things, so that the your family is saved from unexpected shocks.

6.  Protection of wooden floor and furniture


rain 6


Rainwater can debase and tarnish your costly wood-made furniture and floors. So make sure you protect them by covering them off with rain coat sheets, wax or polish to avoid the chances of getting them damaged from moisture and acidic rains.

7.  Check the drainage system and gutters


rain 7


Before the onset of monsoon rains, double check the drainage system and make sure the gutters are placed to the opposite direction of your home to prevent rainwater from entering your home. The drain has to be kept in check every day to prevent drain water from getting inside your home.

8.  Check for the imperfections in doors, windows & air conditioner ducts


rain 8


It is important to make sure that both doors and windows close and seal properly. Do not take it lightly as it can cause the leakage of rainwater inside your home and cause your discomfort. Air conditioner ducts can leave the trail of rainwater streaming across the surface of exterior walls. Plan and fix the problem while you are preparing your home for this rainy season.

Rains can bring you happiness and make your mind soothing and relaxed. They may be harmful to your home in certain ways but with the above tips taken seriously and acting wisely by taking necessary precautionary steps, you don’t have to worry about the devastation caused by monsoon rains.

At Urban Tree, every home is built to withstand all seasons! Book your homes with us and sit back, relax and relish the rainy moments knowing that your house is guarded totally. For more information, click www.urbantree.in

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