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9 Easy Coffee Table Decorating Tips

coffee table decorating tips
Written by Team Urban Tree


The first thing that people see when they enter your living room is your – coffee table. A 4 legged table that highlights how the complete house would have been kept. Don’t you think that not just this space (living room) of the house but also your coffee table has to be kept tidy all the time? It has to be clutter free, organized and free of remotes, if it’s not, it’s time you update your living room, incorporate new styles and give it a completely new makeover. With the help of these 10 coffee table decor tips, you sure would be able to create space in your living room in a way that would speak volumes about your personality.

#1. Begin with a tray

The foundation of decorating a coffee table is laid through a tray. It helps to store things while keeping the table tidy and polished. A tray also comes in handy when you have to clean the table. Different shapes of trays like circle, square, are available that you can opt for. Mix and match it with the shape of your table as it will provide you with more space and have the choice of your things decorated in your tray!

#2. Get natural with the decor

Art and objects generally tend to bring a whole new glam to the room. Bring in the bohemian style on your coffee table with natural stone pots. These natural elements have a peaceful vibe connected to it which brings forth a positive environment in the house. You don’t have to spend too much on this; you can make a remix of what you already have.

#3. Use Seasonal Flowers

When flowers have always been considered the best decor, then why leave your coffee table out of it? Give your living room an inviting appeal with blooming and colourful flowers. If you have a home garden then a beautiful floral arrangement would do wonders when the guests are coming in. Flowers would bring in a bright, preppy look that makes your living room welcoming for the guest.

#4. The Minimalist Coffee Table

Sometimes a table is so made that it has in itself a strong aura that it will automatically enhance the complete look of your living room. It’s during these times that a minimalist table works the best when compared to a cluttered table. A table with one single thing like a vase for decor with flowers or maybe a thoughtful accessory like a gemstone or a candle is enough to bring in a minimalistic touch.

#5. Pop of Color

Enhance your coffee table with colours that would be a contrast and would bring a new life to your old coffee table. Like for instance on a white table, you can have colourful roses or lilies or books that would stand out with the white base. You can also lay printed wooden blogs or logs that would go with your table, act as a bonus shelf and would fetch in the missing pop colour of your living room.

#6. A table runner

One of the simplest ways to add texture, color and interest to your coffee table is to add a table runner. Opt it with an object of your choice which can be anything from decor items to long strands of greenery.  You can also change these runners with every change in the season or according to your moods.

#7. Showcase your personality

Let your table do the talking of your passion, stories, and memories. Showcase elements of your memorable vacation, the souvenir of the best place or figurines of your favourite character. Just not this, you can bring in your passion by having artefacts, books or boxes of your choice. This style of decorating your table is the perfect way to bring in a personal touch.

#8. Bring Entertainment to your Coffee Table

Having entertainment on your coffee table is a great way to break the ice for any new visitors. Not just that, having a cube or book adds as a way of entertainment. If you have a knack for games you can have a deck of cards or a vintage board game of your choice to add a bit of whimsy to your coffee table.

#9. Center it around a bold piece

If you can spend a fortune while you are decorating your coffee table, then decide on a simple table which is accessorized with a bold personality piece. It’s your living room, and it gets a lot of guest. So why not show off a bit with something unique and bold?  A centerpiece that defines your personality, a trinket or something out of the box that matches with your table would be perfect for your coffee table decor!

We hope these ideas would inspire you to bring a change in your old boring living rooms. Let your living rooms reflect your personality to your guest while being impressive and creating space.

Do let us know which of these ideas you used and about how you implemented it in the comments section below.

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