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9 Things We Do When We Are Home Alone!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Remember when you wanted to find out who killed who on the Game of Thrones show but had to study chemistry because your parents were at home? Unfortunately, we have all experienced this at least once in our life. Our entire behavior and mannerisms at home changes when our parents are around. There are restrictions aplenty and there have been times where we waited for our parents to go out! Team Urban Tree have listed 9 of the most common scenarios that has happened when parents are at home and when they are not!

1. Drinks

This happens at every house especially if there is a teenage son at home. Bottles of Aquafina mysteriously changes into bottles of Johnny Walker when parents are not at home for the night. These nights are how your wild and reckless experiences are formed!


2.Reading/ Studying

Ever wondered whether Batman owned Superman with his sonic gun but couldn’t find out just because your parents were at home? Sadly, this happens once too often. When parents are at home, you have to be satisfied reading the war between primary alcohol and secondary alcohol!


3. Type of Food

Parents are a little too conscious about our state of health. Unfortunately, this translates to no pizza and more idlis 🙁 But wait till they go out. If they do, call Dominos.


4. Food Time

8 P.M. The time of the day that all teenagers and young people dread.  You don’t feel hungry at all but you just cannot say no to your mom. Weirdly, dinner time changes to 10 P.M when they are not at home and sometimes, we don’t eat at all!


5. Behavior

Parents at home: Sit on Couch and drink Water.

Parents not at home: Sit anywhere and drink water (mixed with alcohol).


6. Language

Your friend comes over but your parents are at home as well and you have to fake a civilized, British accent and greet him like royalty. But if parents aren’t home, your friend gets treated with words that can be found only in “Charlie Sheen’s” dictionary.


7. TV Channel

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to watch Sun TV and boring soap operas because your mom is there? Once your parents are out, soap operas changes into English channels only!


8. Friends and Girlfriends

When your parents are at home: you sit along with your friends, watch some T.V, drink some juice and talk about life.

When your parents are not at home: the word “Friend” gets prefixed with “Girl” and you become Dulquer Salman all of a sudden.


9. Living Conditions

Neatness, cleanliness, organized at your home is something that can only be found when your parents are there. Once your parents go out, your house looks like a museum bombarded by Allied Forces during WW2!



Every coin has 2 sides and in the same way being home alone also has its pros and cons! Though we enjoy sleepovers with friends, boozing around and such, we also miss mom’s food the most during the period.

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