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Jayashree Satpute : The Woman Who Gives Voice To Underprivileged Women | #PowerWomanOfIndia

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On account of International Women’s day, team Urban Tree has meticulously chosen some great women achievers of our country. As we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women on March 8, this is a series of blogs that feature those strong women of India who have made their way up to become successful by breaking stereotypes!

The human rights lawyer and activist based in Delhi, Jayashree Satpute was featured in ‘World’s Top 100 Inspirational Women’ by The Guardian, a well-known and prestigious newspaper based in the United Kingdom. She was raised in the town Chandrapur a 3 hour drive from Nagpur. In addition to this, Satpute was part of the seven young advocates from developing countries that had the chance to attend the prestigious event known as “Women: Inspiration & Enterprise Symposium” held at New York, USA last year.

Fight for the Cause

Satpute obtained a postgraduate degree in Law at the City University located in London. After which she began practicing laws that would help the underprivileged, weak and downtrodden people to get them their share of justice with the legal framework of India by filing Public Interest Litigations in higher courts as well as filing applications under the RTI so that she can pursue her claim.

An issue that she had highlighted at the high court was the HRLN’s Reproductive Rights Unit’s case of Laxmi, a weak and poor woman that died on August 2012 on a pavement of all places. This happened in the very crowded and bustling area of Connaught Place located in central Delhi. What makes this issue even worse is that Laxmi had died after giving birth to a baby girl. For four days Laxmi lay on the ground in unimaginable pain as hundreds of careless and apathetic passersby passed over her without so much as a second glance until she finally gave into the Septicaemia. This was soon ruled as a violation of her human rights by the High Court in Delhi. The issue gained national as well as international attention as it had “marginalised women of India, who are most at risk of dying in childbirth, can finally be heard and their rights respected.”

Satpute co-founded a Non-Government Organization known as “Nazdeek”. This was formed due to her deep interest to promote the rights of the tea garden workers that are found in Assam. In an effort to promote their rights she has associated with other organizations such as the Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis (PAJHRA), People’s Action for Development (PAD) and many student organizations.

Her Mission

Of course all this honor and prestige has made the woman of substance believe that she has a much greater responsibility resting on her shoulders. She says she will be careful in raising important legal and social issues at national & international forums. She has taken the responsibility of voicing for women who have no voice. She aims to see that the State delivers a woman’s entitlements, be it vis-a-vis health rights, domestic violence, or sexual harassment at the workplace.

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