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Advantages of a Green Home!

In India some world class Green Buildings have constructed in past few years, but still the concept of green buildings for general masses is in infancy stage. Urban Tree Oxygen is built to enjoy the advantages of green buildings for sustainable environmental development and management. With climate change, energy, water efficiency and waste management becoming areas of national concern, sustainability and green can no longer be ignored by anyone or any sector really. Today, in most parts of the world and in India as well, sustainable developments are slowly replacing traditional construction and building practices in an effort to minimize negative impacts on the environment as much as possible. In India, a new rating system named IGBC Green Homes Rating System which is first of its kind given exclusively to the residential structures. The benefits of green homes are many. They help save energy, conserve water and recycle waste. Green homes are not new to India. A Green Home can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The immediate and most tangible benefit is in the reduction in water and operating energy costs right from day one, during the entire life cycle of the building.

Tangible benefits:-

1.Water Savings – 30 – 50%

2.Energy savings – 20 -30%

Intangible benefits:-

1.Enhanced air quality

2.Excellent day lighting

3.Health & well being of the occupants

4.Conservation of scarce national resources

5.Enhance marketability for the project.

Underlining each of these benefits is the latest offering from Urban Tree, the Oxygen at Perumbakkam. Spread across an area of 7.89 acres, Oxygen hosts 515 green homes with amenities like never before. Oxygen is special in design when compared to the previous creations from Urban Tree. Oxygen also enjoys the close proximity of many entertainment avenues and necessary facilities like hospitals, schools and colleges.

Now the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has introduced a system of rating green homes. This system is India first foray in the sector. It will rate a buildings infrastructure, eco-friendly design, waste management, water and other natural resource conservation systems, among others. If you conserve natural resources while building and living in your home, you not only save money but also lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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