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6 Must-Try Adventure Sports in Chennai

adventure sports in chennai
Written by Team Urban Tree

Are you an adrenaline hunter with a keen sense of adventure? Are you seeking the solace to feed your inner adventurer in Chennai? There are more options here than you can imagine.

Often people have a preconceived notion that the city is not the best place to seek great adventures. But hey, if you know where to go, you can climb, hustle, surf, trek and ride all in your own city. Take a look at these 6 cool adventure sports in Chennai

#1. Catamaran Rides in Chennai

Of late the Catamaran rides are gaining more and more affinity by the people of Chennai. If you are a Chennaite, then you must have been to the beaches innumerable times. What if you could explore them further?

Catamaran ride allows you to do just that. You are taken in a catamaran into the sea, with life jackets on. With a professional accompanying you, you could take a dive into the sea (safety on) and enjoy the serenity.  You could make use of the ropes and float in the deep blue sea. If you are looking for some peace getaway, then this the perfect solution.

Where can you ride in Chennai?

# Location 1- Covelong beach, East Coast Road, Kovalam

Price- 500 ₹ per person

Timing- One hour

Catamaran Rides

# Location 2- Radisson Blu, Temple Bay

Price- 800 ₹ per person

Timing- One hour

Trip Advisor

#2. Paintball Arenas in Chennai

Paintball is an adventure sport that is gaining popularity among the Millennials. Maybe you wouldn’t have come across this sport a few years back, but now, it has become a common name among the youth in Chennai. The rapid momentum for the game is because it can be played with a huge group, the protective gear and the paintball gun are provided to you. It is a fact that playing paintball develops the all-round personality of the player. The game requires you to move around a lot and this could end up being a great exercise. It is a huge stress buster and also helps improve your team-skills.

Where can you play in Chennai?

# Take Diversion: Paintball in Chennai is taken up a notch with the first organised and life-like indoor setting. The paintball arena is named Reload and it’s everything that paintball should be. Even individual tasks are assigned to the players who would be given a colour-coded gear. They would even be given end goals for which they would be battling.

Open between: 11 am – 7pm

Call: 73977-98784 / 73977-98785 (You would have to book slots in advance)

Google reviews: 3.9

Take diversion website

# Off road sports: One among the thrills offered at the Offroad sports is paintball. You could see many IT professionals coming here on the weekends to relieve their stress. It is best enjoyed when you come as a huge gang.

Call: 9840922122 / 7401227722

Google reviews: 3.8

#3. Bungee soccer, zip line, dune buggy and more at the Wild tribe ranch

Yes, you read that right! Bungee soccer is a team game at the Wild tribe ranch. Imagine playing soccer with a wild bunch of friends/colleagues, and this not even the start of the thrill you could be experiencing at the Ranch. ‘There is more’, could be an understatement for this place. You have the paintball cricket, the Jallikattu, Uri Addi, Sumo Wrestling, Chennai’s longest zip line and many other thrilling games. Most of the people who visit the Wild tribe ranch are corporates who want to undergo team building sessions. One of the most sought after adventures at the ranch is the ‘Tribal Path’. If you love climbing trees when you were young, then the tribal path will give you the same rush. The game also focuses on improving the competitive spirit among the team members and learning time management.

Call: +91 9025 689 689


Address: MAGIC Thrills & Adventures (P) Limited

#451A, East Coast Road, Nemmeli Village, Perur Post, Thiruporur Taluk, 603104

Ratings: 4.2 (Facebook ratings)

Trip Advistor

#4. Paragliding in Chennai

The adrenaline rush is real with paragliding and it is present right here in Chennai. The Adventure Aero Sports association is a facility in Palavakkam, Chennai that specializes in Paramotoring. They conduct Paramotoring experiences in ECR near the crocodile bank. Your entire gear is provided by them and the ride lasts for 10-15 min. The charge for the ride is based on how big the group is. If you go as a 10 member team then the price is ₹2000 per head. If you go as a 50 member team then the price is ₹1000 per head. So bigger the group lesser the price. The paramotoring is a tandem sport where you would be riding alongside an expert individual. Aero sports offer rides on the weekends. Collect a bunch of your friends and head to the paramotoring site because this is something that you cannot miss!

Visit their Facebook page for more information

Aero sports

#5. Surfing in Chennai

The Surf turf in Kovalam is a cafe along with 5 amazing ocean-facing rooms. They offer surfing lessons to people who are interested in learning. The surfing instructors at the Surf Turf are said to be some of the best in the country. The surfing gear is also provided by them; if you are about to take up the course then they also have gears for rent and sale options.


Price: 1500₹ for two hours of lessons.

Google Ratings: 4.1

Surf Turf

#6. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that is gaining followers in Chennai. This is because rock climbing is a great workout to improve stamina and to quench the thrill seekers.

Where can you climb in Chennai?

#Location 1: Kambakkam (100km from Chennai) It is an outdoor climbing area.

#Location 1: Fit Rock arena (It is an indoor climbing arena)

Call: +91 99623 57035

Google ratings: 4.3

Facebook ratings: 4.8


Visit their Facebook page for more information

Fit Rock Arena

The Adrenaline rush is a feeling that when satisfied, gives you immense pleasure and the much-needed kick! So if you have one, don’t keep it in.

It’s time for you to pick a weekend, gather up your adventure-seeking buddies and visit one of these spots, better yet, try visiting all of these adventure spots in Chennai.

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