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6 Affordable Home Items That Will Give Your Home a Royal Look

Affordable Home Items in Royal Look
Written by Team Urban Tree

Having a high end-home is always tough to maintain and difficult to manage on a shoe-string budget. However, there are ways one can give their home a Royal look without spending excessively from your pocket. Over the years, interior designers have devised a few but effective methods to make the living space look more elegant with minimum effort and expense. We will be sharing six affordable home items that will make your home look Royal.

#1. Integrate simple plants in your home

Having plants in your home makes it look more complete. Even a simple vase of flowers can light up your dining room or your bedroom. Aside from giving a Royal look, certain plants can even purify the air inside your home. For the sake of simplicity, you can go for a simple Aloe Vera plant which is easy to maintain and flowers easily. If you have one Aloe Vera plant for a room, soon you might end up having many plants for each home. You can also go for faux flowers in stores, which will look as authentic as the real ones.

simple plan in your home

#2. Add mouldings to make your walls

A plain wall devoid of any decoration gives a very dry and bland look to your home. In order to remove this, you can install mouldings to your walls.  You can go for shiplap walls, add boards or even go for decorations on your windows. There are a lot of ideas available on the internet for DIY shiplap, board and window trim as well.

wall modeling

#3. Lighten up your rooms through innovative lighting

If your home is filled with dull colours, it’s better to revamp your existing lighting systems in your home. Many choose standard lighting fixtures to their homes, but designer light fixtures will add a touch of class to your home than an expensive chandelier. However, if you aren’t interested in shelling out excess from your pocket, you can try for much simpler ones you get in flea markets. Certain lights can be fixed through a little buffing or a new paint job. It will look expensive but in reality, it might just cost a few bucks.  Addition to these, you can also opt for table lamps and floor lamps.

innovative lighting

#4. Create an illusion of higher ceilings using fabrics

Living under a low-raised roof can make the home seem little congested. In such scenarios, you can try doing window treatments. Raising the window panels will create the illusion of height and give it a sense of grandeur. Another inexpensive way is to simply add fabric to your existing panels. You can customise your fabrics by adding vibrant colours, thereby giving it a Royal finish.

fabrics cellings

#5. Fill your house with multi-purpose furniture

Furniture really brings the depth needed for your home. A royal home needs classy furniture. In this case, you can go for the multi-functional tables and sofas which will bring out a sense of elegance to your home.

fill your house multi purpose furniture

#6. Magnetize your living room

When your room is lined with steel cupboards, make use of magnets to brighten up your rooms. Using magnets, you can stick colourful pictures on the cupboards or even use it for sticky notes. If you are lacking any ideas just print some images or photographs and stick them onto a hard-board cut-out and then super-glue the magnets towards the corners.

magnetized room

Use these simple affordable home items to spice up your living room and give it a royal look. Invest your time in creating a budget for your home and think about the appropriate items that you can find in second-hand shops and flea markets.

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