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Things You Need to Know About Furnished Apartments

Written by Team Urban Tree

In a city like Chennai with so many opportunities for employment, it is not surprising people from across the country come to Chennai for work for short durations. In such scenarios, it is only fitting to invest in furnished apartments than to invest in a new home. But people who are new to the city are easily fooled, so here a list of things that one should know.

1. Right Price – The price is the most important thing one has to consider if you are planning to buy a furnished apartment. It is certainly a little more expensive than an unfurnished apartment but you shouldn’t end up paying more. One ground rule is if the apartment in a given area are basic and nothing extraordinary then the price should not be more than 10% over an unfurnished apartment in that area.

2. Furniture – This is the most obvious point of contention. The first thing to watch out for is the living room and the bedroom. The living room should have a couch set, coffee table, side tables along with basic electrical fittings and in the bedroom, there should be a queen sized bed, side table, lamps and small closet space. If the bedroom is fully furnished and comes for a decent price just take it.


3. Kitchen – There are a few mandates for a full functioning kitchen– a fridge, oven, stove, cookware, dishes, spoons, forks, knives and/or measuring cups. In some cases, there might be dispensers left behind by previous tenants. Also, make sure that the sink and faucets are in working condition. Any dish towels or kitchen material that comes with the apartment are bonuses.


4. Bathroom – Make sure that the shower is working properly and that the force of the shower is performing at the right water pressure. Secondly, check the toilet to make sure it works to your satisfaction. Flush it a few times or if you have ‘to go,’ it’s a great opportunity to take it out for a test run. If there is a large clanging sound or it seems the toilet is about to regurgitate, then there is a problem. Make sure the tiles are cleaned spick and span. A dirty bathroom just leads to unwanted diseases. Also, perform a check on the bathroom sink and make sure the water flows efficiently.


5. Television – Television is a mandate in any furnished apartments. Most of the house owners will offer it if not ask for it. Also, check with the owner it comes with a cable/satellite connection.


6. Additional Services – These services are rare but not uncommon. Make it a point to ask the owner what other services they can provide. These could include housekeeping, food services, laundry services and the like. The point is to get the most for the money being paid. If these additional services cost extra, it could only be a good thing. For example, if the owner is ready to provide cooked food for a good cost and if you are one among those young professionals who don’t find time to cook, isn’t that a good deal for you? So unless you ask, you won’t know.

Ultimately, it all comes to how much you are ready to spend. No matter what your investment limit is, keep a check on the above mentioned points. Compare the rates of furnished and unfurnished apartments in a given area and then take a call. If it is a good deal then just take it.

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