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6 Apartment Friendly Pets That You Will Love

best dogs for apartments
Written by Team Urban Tree

Apartment living certainly has its own advantages, but comes with a heart ache for pet lovers. Keeping a pet can be a problematic thing in apartments for various reasons, from too large, too active, too noisy, space constraints tor not a suitable environment for them to live in. We know how much a pet means to you. Not all pets are unfriendly to apartments because many exotic pets are compact, quiet and don’t require outdoor space. They can also be a good choice for apartment living. Here is a small list of 6 exotic apartment friendly pets you can keep.

#1. Dogs

Yes, you heard it right, you can keep dogs in your apartment, but wait, not all the dog breeds are apartment friendly. We have a list of dogs suitable for an apartment because they are compact, cute, require minimal space and a lot of love like Pugs, Shih Tzus, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises, Boston Terriers to name few. They can flourish in one or two bedroom apartment. You can go with a similar kind of dog for your apartment living

#2. Reptiles

well this may sound weird but the pet industry has moved on to various segments and one such option is Reptiles. When it comes to reptiles people divide them into snakes and others. It is purely up to you to choose the best and suitable reptile for you. While snakes have a longer life span, can be handled and left alone for some time, they constantly need good lighting and heat for them to sustain in the environment. Some species of turtles, tortoises and lizards such as Geckos, Bearded Dragons, and Chameleons are small, quiet, and can be very social and less intimidating than snakes in your household.

#3. Fish

Cats and dogs are pretty common and if you are looking for the numbers at your apartment, fish rules. Just watching the fish swim in the aquarium brings peace of mind, lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress level in adults. While an aquarium might seems like the perfect setup for an apartment, maintenance part is quite tricky and difficult. If we are to rate the difficulty level in maintaining them then the maintenance of an aquarium would be ranked on top because you will need to check pH, ammonia and nitrite/nitrate levels, water hardness, and alkalinity regularly.

#4. Rabbit and Ferrets

Rabbits are social animals, but they don’t like to be touched. They are usually ready to stay with the humans, although it might take some effort to bring them into the comfort zone, and they need to be litter trained before letting them out of the cage. Ferrets are very active and love to play with humans and other Ferrets too. Because of their active nature, they demand a bigger cage and also carry a mischief nature so you need to be around it to tell them the right from wrong. Ferrets are obsessed with burrowing in small spaces. If you are going with Ferret make sure you are house supervised and ferret-proofed.

#5. Birds

Domestic birds may seem to be an obvious choice for an apartment living, but sometimes they are challenging too because all birds are noisy to an extent, whether in the form of pleasant chirps or ear-splitting squawks. Still, this can be overcome by being friendly with your neighbour.

#6. Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Mice

Often Hamsters are confused with the Guinea Pigs. To put it simple hamsters are Non-vegetarian also known as an omnivore. Relatively active at nights and need very less space to live and not much of decor is required because it likes to live solitary, a small cage will do. Guinea pigs are social animals and very easy to handle them. You can think of a Guinea Pig like a dog soul in a puffed rat with a foodie nature although it is pure vegetarian. If it sounds like a friend of yours it is actually, it is a very good companion for humans, but a smaller one. Mice are social and happiest with other mice as their playful antics are fun to watch. They are most active at night and can be tamed. However, they are quick and small, so they may not be as easy to handle as larger rodents. For apartment living, consider a group of female mice. A small group of mice can make do without a huge cage, making this rodent perfect for apartment living. They do not need extra exercise outside of a well-equipped cage and won’t need a lot of attention if kept in pairs or groups. If you think there could be more apartment friendly pets to be added in the list comment below the names.

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