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6 Basic Rights of Every Tenant and Landlord

Tenants and Landlords Rights
Written by Team Urban Tree

The landlord-tenant conflicts are common and can be never-ending. While the landlord wants to make maximum profit out of the investment, the tenants want to basically live in a peaceful environment, and unfortunately, most of the issues between landlords and tenants arise upon this. When both the parties are aware of all the rights and obligations, issues are less likely to pop-up. Know them here and live in harmony!

#1. Evict a Tenant

Many tenants tend to live in a property for years and that’s not often an issue unless they’re problematic. Breaching of rental agreement, subletting the rental area without the landlord’s permission, failing to pay the rent for the specified period, conducting illegal activities within the rented premises or even when the landlord requires the rented building for his/her own use, upon a proper and a prior notice – the tenant is supposed to leave the place. In cases, where the tenant refuses to leave after the contract ends, landlords can add a clause of hike in the rental agreement.

#2. Temporary Possession

If the rented building calls for any repairs, alterations or some additions which cannot be done without the place being vacated, the landlord can obtain the possession of the property on a temporary basis. The building shall be again surrendered to the tenant once the refurbishment is done.

#3. Rental hike

As far as the rental price is concerned, landlords always have an upper hand. Owners of residential as well as commercial properties have the rights to charge rent as per the market rates as well as to raise the rent periodically.

#4. Intimate Repairs

If any request for repairs is raised from the tenant’s end, it is the duty of the landlord to correct the same within a reasonable time limit. Or in cases, where the tenant himself takes up the repairs, the landlord has the right to be informed about the same. According to the Rent Control Act, both the landlord and the tenant have to equally share the financial costs of the repairs.

#5. Privacy Breach

Every tenant has the right to his/her privacy. Unless there’s a true emergency, the landlord has no right to walk into the house without appropriate invite or permission. Every tenant has their right to live in a home without being disturbed.

#6. Rights to Services

For recovery of rent, the landlord has no right to cut the basic necessities like electricity, water or any other amenity. In such cases, the tenant has all the rights to approach the Rent Control Court and file an application against the landlord to restore the disconnected services.

Laws pertaining to real estate differ from state to state and it’s important you get the right knowledge specific to your state and the locality. Things go awry only when the both of you get sticky about minor issues. So, as you got to know each of your rights here, act only when you feel you’re being treated unfairly.

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