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7 Beautiful Places For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Chennai

Best Locations For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
Written by Team Urban Tree

When the wedding is finalized and you’ve only a few weeks or months left, you should probably be tensed or stressed in wanting everything to be perfect. Arranging for a pre-wedding photo shoot between your marriage dates is the best thing that can break the stress as well as the inhibitions you hold with each other. Before you choose the photographer, filter the locations that make the frames alive. You need not fly or plan a trip for this, as the most exotic of places are right here in Namma Chennai. If you are someone living in and around Chennai, save these places and make some beautiful memories for life.

#1. Theosophical Society, Adyar

This is one of the most sought-after places in the city to have an ‘Evergreen Photoshoot’. Who doesn’t love to love amidst the branches of nature? While you hold your hands and walk with your partner in between the greeny breeze, you’ll hear the birds singing and the air bringing romance into your lives. Capture some candid photos in these gardens and begin your happily-ever-after.Theosophical Society

#2. Neelankarai Beach

When you seek love, seek the city’s beaches because they never fail to add on to your romance. But, the all-time Marina and Elliot’s are done and dusted since ages and it’s tough to shoot some me-me photographs amidst the crowd. Neelankarai beach hardly attracts public even on the weekends. The clean-blue waters, the non-littered shore and the dazzling blue skies will be an ideal place to flaunt your flowy-gowns and suits. Click some spectacular silhouette pictures in the sun-kissed spots.Neelankarai Beach

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#3. Dakshin Chitra

This picture perfect place is always there in any photographer’s list of best locations as it inundates the tradition of all the southern states within a few acres. There are many exotic backdrops in here that is filled with rich cultural heritage. If you wish to add some ethnicity to your love frames, Dakshin Chitra is the go-to place.Dakshin Chitra

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#4. Royapuram Train Tracks

If you are someone who wants to do a unique photo shoot in any of the unexplored and lesser visited places of the city, hog on to Royapuram Tracks with your team of experts. The empty railway tracks, the rustic engines, the so-called Chennai surroundings, the parked trains will altogether help you capture some vintage shots. The immediate left after the Royapuram bridge will take you to this undiscovered beauty.Royapuram Train Tracks

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#5. Chennai Buses

Kollywood had deeply tied romance with Chennai MTC buses in vast different ways since 90’s and continues to do it, tingling the romantic nerves of every Chennai-ite. Catch on to an empty bus from a depot and try some filmy shots around it. You’ll end up making a romantic album for sure.Chennai Buses

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#6. ECR backwaters

If you can get that exact feeling of what they mean by ‘Love is in the air’, get in here. The ECR backwaters will enhance your mood and picture to the next level and you can trust on this. Hog on to any of the broken rocks and ruins in the middle of the backwaters during the evening lights and click it right. Seek help from the local men there to find spots like these. Your album will look classy!ECR Backwaters

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#7. Mahabalipuram

Imagine sitting on those beautifully carved stones beside the rocky landscape with your better-half depicting your love with history. The classic monuments that stand erect by the sea, though cliché is one of the favourite spots for photo shoots. Fill your frame with a touch of historical beauty.


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They say, love blossoms in the middle of nowhere. Dazzle your pre-wedding photo shoot at any of these beautiful places

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